WHITE SHARIA RISING: Nathan Damigo’s “Punch Heard Round the World”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2017

I have told you all that WHITE SHARIA is not a meme, it is a FACT, and it is the only solution.

At least one guy was taking it seriously: Nathan Damigo.

Nathan Damigo went to war Saturday, and he took out one of our top enemies.

She says her body is not a crime…

But Sergeant Damigo begs to differ!

Acts 17:31: Jesus will judge you after death.



She came to fight and she got what she came for!

This is called WHITE SHARIA in ACTION!

The whole thing I’ve been saying about women is demonstrated here.

The girl’s name is Louise Rosealma, or at least that is the name on her Facebook page (most of which is now deleted). She is 19 years old.

She was a nice, sweet little girl as a teenager.

Then she got the bull ring…

Now, when she isn’t out on the street fighting fascism, she is a nude and softcore porno model.

I mean, this is apparently the case. I’m 99.999% sure of it, though it technically has not been independently confirmed yet (that I’m aware of).

According to /pol/, her porno site says she’s 5’1″, and I was like that doesn’t make any sense.

Then I saw this.

And this.

So, this girl was really small, which makes it even funnier.

Here is her nude modeling site.

She is also a hairy fetish model going by the name of Venus Rosales at ATKHairy.

She recently shot up to 14888th place on the ranking of a popular porno site, due to the interest in many men of jacking off to a picture of a woman they just saw punched in the face on YouTube (yes that is a real screenshot).

I’m not going to link a porno site directly, but it’s a hairy woman fetish site. That is, a site for men who are aroused by hairy women.

She is EXACTLY the archetype of woman who forced the demand for WHITE SHARIA.

Look at this.

This is what she was:

The “liberation” system turned her into this:

Every single cuckolded white knight faggot bitch talking about “muh princesses” in response to calls for WHITE SHARIA supports this transformation.

People who are against the “oppression” of women are the actual woman-haters.

When this bitch was 15, you could genuinely say “Aryan princess.” She was glowingly pretty, I’m sure very sweet, giggly, would blush if you flirted with her – she was fit for a white analog to K-Pop.

But “freedom” and the university system turned her into a hairy porno monster rioting on the street.

The degree to which you allow women freedom is the degree to which they will destroy their own lives and the lives of everyone around them and by extension all of civilization itself.

Imagine this girl’s father, who is now getting these images sent to him in mass in his email box (something I support, by the way, even while I sympathize with him).

We have to forcibly marry-off teenage girls to men who will TAKE CARE OF THEM!

We WANT women to be taken care of, as they are the thing that cooks, cleans, gives sexual pleasure and produces and raises children! The white knights don’t care about the protection of women! White knights skirt their MASCULINE responsibility by refusing their biological duty to protect women in REAL terms, which mainly involves protecting them from themselves, rather than some external threat!

People who are opposed to the policy of forced teenage marriage are cucks and feminists, who care not for the wellbeing of women, but simply for their own childlike emotions which have been stimulated by Jewish propaganda in Hollywood films about the independent minds of women.

And people can be like “OH YEAH OKAY BUT WHITE SHARIA IS TOO EXTREME THO” – in fact, the situation is now so extreme that we don’t have any choice anymore.

Sergeant Damigo’s Situation

Nathan may be facing some troubles.

I’m not going to comment on any details of that, because there is no reason to right now, but many people are calling for him to be arrested, including that guy that plays Captain America.

Or wait, maybe he’s just threatening to beat his ass.

Anyway, some people are calling for his arrest.

They are outraged that a WOMAN would get punched – even after these same people:

a) celebrated Richard Spencer getting punched in the face, said it was great, called for more of it, and

b) argue that there are no biological differences between women and men

Doesn’t compute.

But yeah, no matter what, we are going to be subject to a different standard for street action than our enemies.

Honestly, we should not be out on the streets without masks. In fact, there needs to be a uniform, so each person is indistinguishable from one another. Like the black bloc, there needs to be a uniform.

So, let’s celebrate the dawn of WHITE SHARIA, but at the same time, learn from this experience.

The system does not play by its own rules.

We will be punished for things that antifa do with impunity.

We have to be smart.

Hail Victory.