White Sexual Predators and Brown Saviors: French Government Propaganda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2018

Here are two of the ads from a new French government propaganda initiative aimed at tackling sexual harassment: “Reacting can change everything”.

Now anyone who has ever watched any of these films women have made showing themselves being sexually harassed on the street knows that almost all of the perpetrators had dark complexions, indicating that their ancestors were exposed to non-European levels of solar radiation while they were evolving.

But according to President Micron, sexual harassment is actually a white-guy problem. And the solution to this problem is brown guys.

Each ad shows an interracial couple consisting (as ever) of a negro and a white female. The couple witness a woman being harassed by a predatory white man, then graciously intervene on the side of the victim.

Micron clearly has a strange fetish for African masculinity, but it is extraordinary that he is using taxpayer funds to try and impose it on the entire French population.