White Revolt on Cal Poly Campus: You People Don’t Understand. We’ve Got Nothing Left to Lose.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2018

We are in a culture war of attrition, and eventually it’s going to go hot.

Not violent hot, of course. Although there will inevitably be violence, we don’t need violence.

All we need to to do is stand up.

And the closer your back gets to the wall, the easier it is to stand up.

These kikes just don’t get it: white men have nothing left to lose.

And all that’s left… is for white men to figure that out.


In the hours before Cal Poly State University President Jeffery Armstrong announced he was indefinitely suspending official activities of all Cal Poly Greek fraternities and sororities, racially-inflammatory materials began showing up in buildings around campus.

Posters promoting diversity were also slashed and police were called to investigate at least one incident of a racial slur written on a bathroom wall.

In a Facebook public post Tuesday, Cal Poly Associate Professor Dr. Neal MacDougall shared images of posters promoting educators who work with undocumented students that had been slashed outside his office. A flyer had also been placed on his billboard, posing a question, “are all groups of humans the same sub-species or even the same species?”

Other flyers placed around campus showed imagery of global maps connecting skin tones to incidents of rape and homicides, as well as IQ. Other images showed images of gorillas in juxtaposition with images of a tribal African, next to an astronaut.

“The slashing of the sign disturbed me. That’s fundamentally a violent act,” MacDougall later told KCBX News. “Without knowing me, in the university environment and coming to talk to me. I mean, that’s what we’re about.”

We are facing a 100th monkey situation here, brothers.

That is why we have to focus on what works, which is viral media and cultural manipulation, generally.

The Starbucks troll has been fantastic.

You should post those, if you haven’t.

This negro revolt against Starbucks is EXACTLY the kind of thing that makes us relevant.

We just have to accelerate the culture war, every chance we get, while keeping on the edge, staying cool and sexy and something that normal white guys feel comfortable with.

We have a path to victory.

It’s right here in front of us.

Critical mass is a nuclear metaphor.

And there are more of us than them.

Never forget that.