White Reporter Beaten Bloodied and Robbed by Black Protesters

STL Today
August 11, 2015

Paul Hampel was punched in the face and head repeatedly by a Black mob while covering the anniversary of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Post-Dispatch reporter Paul Hampel was beaten, bloodied and robbed by a group of attackers as he covered the Ferguson protests Sunday night.

Hampel said he was taking photos and videos of break-ins along West Florissant Avenue shortly before he was attacked. Suddenly, he said, he was rushed from behind.

“I got swarmed, beaten down really bad,” he said.

The attackers punched him in the face, hit him in the head at least three times and kicked him in the back of the head when he was on the ground, Hampel said.

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The attackers stole his phone and wallet, but at least they left him still breathing and didn’t set fire to him or rape him.

The attackers took his phone and wallet and left. Hampel headed back to the police line and encountered New York Times photographer Whitney Curtis. He told her he needed an ambulance.

Someone laid him down on the grass and he doesn’t remember much after that.

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