White Racism is Preventing Blacks from Sleeping Properly

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2018

Back in 2008, my university lecturer told the class that white people are more privileged than black people.

I didn’t believe Mr. Cohen at the time, but I certainly believe him now.

It seems like everything in Blumpf’s America is white supremacist. We have affirmative action programs that allow whites to receive preferential treatment over blacks in academia and employment. We have Section 8 of the Housing Act, which provides whites with affordable apartments while blacks are forced to live in tent cities.

We even have a government that allows white people (as well as white supremacists of Chinese descent) to make racist computers.


With all of this neo-Hitlerism going on, can you really blame blacks for losing sleep?


In America, you can find inequality between white and black people just about everywhere you look. Stark disparities exist in education, in health, in income. And they creep into underappreciated parts of daily life too, like sleep.

Research shows black Americans on average simply don’t sleep as well white Americans do. They don’t sleep as long, they don’t sleep through the night as often, and they suffer more heavily from sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening disorder. Other minority groups, such as Latinos and Asian Americans, also sleep more poorly than white Americans. But the differences are starkest in black communities.

The sleep gap is essential to understand. It’s a disparity that is both caused by social inequalities and likely to perpetuate them. And that means it could be a ripe target for an intervention that could radically improve millions of American lives.

Not only do black Americans sleep fewer hours, there’s evidence that the sleep they get is of poorer quality: waking up more frequently and spending less time in the most restful stages of sleep. Black Americans are also more likely to develop sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that can have a serious impact on sleep and health.

None of this should surprise us. It’s 2018, whites abuse blacks because of the color of their skin, blacks suffer sleeplessness as a result.

End of story, right?

Actually, no; the rabbit hole goes deeper than that.

We need to remember that blacks came to America as slaves. White slavemasters traveled to Africa, tiptoed toward sleeping blacks in the dead of night, kidnapped them and shipped them straight to the New World to work in the cotton plantations of the south.

As the children of Holocaust survivors can confirm, that level of trauma becomes intergenerational – it literally passes from the first generation of survivors to further generations. Forever.

Thus, today’s blacks are suffering from the intergenerational trauma of slavery and all of the other racisms they face in Flumpf’s America.

Seriously guys, this is almost – ALMOST – Jewish levels of suffering.

As far as I’m concerned, the real question isn’t “why aren’t blacks sleeping well?” but “how do blacks manage to sleep at all?”

No wonder these people are always comfort eating.