White Race Triumphs at the Oscars as Dead Black Homo is Left Disgraced

At the second annual Virus Academy Awards, the veteran British actor Anthony Hopkins destroyed the dead black homosexual known as “The Black Panther” (Chadwick Boseman).

Many people thought that due to dice-loading by the blacks and their Jewish compatriots, Hopkins would fall to the black – but it was not to be. Aryan and heterosexual supremacy won the day, as the blacks were left humiliated with their dead corpse, riddled with ass-cancer.

Hopkins won for some depressing movie no one watched about a dementia patient, but what mattered was the Aryan conquest aspect of it. What also mattered was the speech that Hopkins gave afterward, which was – well, it was quite a thing.

Hopkins was handed the award by fellow famous actors John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson, and then he began ranting against Boseman.

You can watch that here:

The white supremacists who run Hollywood and produced The Virus Oscars II rearranged the ceremony to make it so the best actor award was the last award given, making it look like they would honor George Floyd by giving the award to “The Black Panther” who died last year because he had deadly cancer in his gay asshole.

Hopkins, a white supremacist, is best known for his role in the 1992 film “Freejack.”

He also starred in and directed a film called “Slipstream” about time-traveling Hitler or something.

The blacks and homosexuals together are mourning this brutal defeat at the hands of an old white man who is a symbol of imperialism and white supremacy.

It is a wonder to behold that even after everything… the Aryan race continues to triumph.

If Hopkins reminds us of anything, it is that just like in his film “Transformers 5,” if the Aryan Race is truly to dominate, we are going to need robots – big ones. 

(Editor’s Note: Writing this, I was just thinking back to the glory days of the site, when I could write something like this and some Jewish journalist would say “neo-Nazis say Hopkins win is a sign of ‘Aryan supremacy’ and call for racist robots.” Those days are gone. But I will never forget those days.)