White Pill: Boombart is Wall-to-Wall Antifa Coverage RN

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 13, 2018

If anything came of the Unite the Right 2 protest, it was an overwhelming Antifa, BLM and bugman over-reaction – the kind that helped fuel Trump’s rise to the presidency, if you recall.

I think that Breitbart’s strategy to cover and magnify this is fundamentally correct here.

The chimpout that the denizens of DC and groups like Antifa and BLM put on display this weekend is solid propaganda for our side.

There were no White Supremacist banners, nothing that egregious about the dozen or so people that showed up to hold a protest.

And the Left lost its shit. This might be the birth of a new strategy, in fact.

Every single left-wing over-reaction is a big W for our side.

And while I don’t think this was a 4D chess maneuver on the part of the organizers…that’s basically what it ended up being.

Also, it was nice to see that they left the swastika flags at home this time and resisted the urge to heil for the camera. I mean, it’s like the bare minimum, but still, I was pleasantly surprised to see that kind of restraint.

In fact, trolling – in case anyone has forgotten – is basically poking your enemy and baiting him into an over-reaction. That’s what the Alt-Right was built on. It is our bread and butter. Some try-hards forgot that, with disastrous results.

Overall, I feel like we’ve finally overcome the legacy of Charlottesville, at least symbolically.

We can move on now.

And conservative media like Breitbart can bask in the overwrought leftist shit show. This is all heading for a red wave come the elections.