White People Might Riot If Our Boy Kyle Doesn’t Win

There was a truly amazing scene at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial this week wherein Gaige Grosskreutz, the Jew who tried to murder our boy before getting his arm blown out, admitted that he’d pointed his gun and tried to kill him first.

This is an amazing scene.

Frankly, that Jew should be charged with attempted murder.

The media is lying of course, but everyone saw the clip.

I’m still not convinced they won’t just convict him anyway.

Several years ago, a lad named James Fields was convicted of murder over a car accident that happened while he was being chased by an Antifa mob. Things as ridiculous as the scene in the Rittenhouse trial happened in the Fields trial, and no one actually believed he was guilty of murder, but they went ahead and convicted him of it anyway.

They’ll do it again. They certainly won’t not do it again.

This is not a fair system, dear friends. It’s an evil and satanic system run by the Jews.

It is possible that Kyle gets off. But I really doubt it.

However, unlike with Fields, where moronic conservative scum accepted that the kid should be in prison because of his bad politics, conservatives support Kyle.

They won’t riot. Of course they won’t.

But it might snap a few people out of their haze.

But hey – maybe it won’t do that either.

I see these people out there saying that the elections are going to work, and Trump will be back in office in 2024. Real MAGA has never been tried, after all.

This will be the single most obvious thing that has ever happened.

I promise you this: it’s not going to be Donald Trump, but someday, someone is going to be giving Kyle Rittenhouse a presidential medal.