White Nationalism Hearing: Congressional Kikes Call in a Gang of Bloodsucking Coloreds to Demand Extermination of Whites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 10, 2019

The disgusting kike terrorist leader Jerrold Nadler held a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday condemning the white race to extinction at the hands of Jews.

Basically, the entire concept of this thing was to call in Jews and the representatives of Jewish groups and demand that White Nationalism be made illegal. The theory is that political speech leads to violence, thus speech is violence, thus shut it down.

After the sloppy kike Nadler gave a bunch of fake statistics about white people being out there slaughtering black people for no reason, the REPUBLICAN Congressman Doug Collins got up there and started talking about how white nationalists are no different than Chinese people putting Moslems in concentration camps.

Even the gross Jewface behind him was shocked by these outrageous statements.

He quoted the fake statistics of the ADL about anti-Semitic attacks rising (those numbers are based on the hoax prank calls from Israel).

Shockingly, no one cited the SPLC. Possibly, because the SPLC abuses black people – unlike white nationalists, who don’t even do anything to black people or hardly ever talk about them.

Almost the entire witness panel was Jewish. And a black woman was brought in to give the defense of white nationalists.

The first witness was Eileen Hershenov, an absolutely disgusting Jew from the Anti-Defamation League.

She blamed “Alt-Right” for violence, and gave more fake statistics.

She also blamed social media, then demanded that the government shut down Gab and 8chan.

The Jew passed the mic to a fat haji, Mohammad Abu-Salha, who claimed that his family was murdered by Nazis or whatever.

Whatever, bro. Your family would have been murdered even worse in whatever shithole you fled from. If not, then you should have stayed in your own fucking country. No one invited you here. This is OUR COUNTRY.

In actual fact, I just looked this up and there isn’t even any proof that his daughters were killed because they were hairy-backed Islamo-monkeys. Apparently, their neighbor killed them over an ongoing argument about a parking spot.

It was four years ago, the FBI found in 2015 that it WAS NOT a hate crime, and the guy still hasn’t gone to trial. So more blood libel.

The Congressional White Whore Caucus was very moved by his hoax story of his daughter getting shot for wearing a hijab.

The haji claimed his sickening rat daughters were “as Moslem… as American as apple pie.”

Fucking disgusting.

The next witness was a standard cartoonish sheboon.

“President of the Equal Justice Society.”

She attacked Thomas Jefferson for saying she was physically unattractive. This is a totally new thing, attacking Jefferson. Not something they did historically. They would sort of dance around the fact that this country was founded by slave owners, because they wanted to pretend to support this country while attacking it – but now they’re going in for the kill.

She then said that Obama was a “black president,” something that is increasingly bothering me. Obama was not a “black president,” he was a mulatto president.

Blah blah blah Dylan Roof.

Speaking of mulattoes, next up was Facebook employee Neil Potts.

He confirmed that Facebook bans anyone who thinks white people have some kind of “right to exist.” He said that people who think whites should exist are evil, hateful and dangerous.

Next was an apparent kike (maybe not? frizzy hair) Google employee who is the head of “free expression” and is in charge of an aggressive censorship program.

I don’t know for sure if she’s a kike, but I know for sure she’s planning to fuck Neil Potts.

Dastardly whore.

She made it clear that their censorship agenda goes far beyond what the government “requires.”

In actual fact, the government doesn’t “require” any censorship. In fact the opposite – our government says that censorship is illegal. But not for “private companies,” apparently.

Walden has already closed her Twitter, due to the backlash.

Bitch, if you can’t take the heat, maybe you shouldn’t have jumped in the incinerator?

The next kike on the white genocide death panel was Mort Klein, head of the Zionist Organization of America.

Because of course.

This Jew claimed to have Tourret’s Syndrome and kept doing “eh hm hm hm eh hm.” I think he is actually faking this syndrome, and is simply a pervert Jew who likes making weird sounds in public to try to humiliate the goyim.

He claimed to be a child of “Holocaust survivors.” Because they all claim that. Because they all came to America after the war, when they had this great excuse in the form of their nonsensical lampshades and soap hoax.

This lying kike hoaxster called for a government investigation into who is funding websites that speak out against Jews.

Well, kike, I can tell you who’s funding me: basically, no one. I’m going to have to scale this website back because there is no fucking money.

He is some kind of “right-wing Jew” who said that Brenton Tarrant was left-wing, and then started rambling about “em hm hm hm, Moslem extremists, em hm hm.”

He seemed to be confused as to why he was there, because he didn’t talk about White Nationalism, he just talked about the Islamic enemies of the Jews.

Nadler cut him off when he went over time rambling about Ilhan Omar.

“That was unfair,” Mort said.

“That was not unfair,” Jerrold shot back.

Then came the White Nationalist leader Candace Owens.

She was the only person there to represent whites. Which was… a little bit bizarre.

You’d think that if they were trying to learn about white nationalism, they would have brought in some white nationalists. Anyone would have went. Why not call Jared Taylor? Or Kevin MacDonald? Mike Enoch or anyone else would have went and blown these people the fuck out. I would not have went, because I live in Nigeria and can’t return to the US because the SPLC is trying to have me assassinated, but I would have submitted written statements – that was not requested of me.

How can you have a hearing on White Nationalism and not invite a single White Nationalist? 

Not a single white nationalist was contacted, other than Candace, who you will not believe, despite her radicalism, appears to be a negro.

She brought her grandfather with her, who had experience with being terrorized by Democrats while he was picking cotton.

Apparently, he is also a white nationalist leader? I don’t know. This whole thing is very confusing.

The next black bitch on the docket was not a white nationalist. She was a lawyer, working for some Jew group.

She demanded a massive internet shutdown. Which was pretty much the entire theme of this whole hearing.

It was quite funny that no one from the SPLC was there. That made me happy. That organization is basically dead.

The entire panel just circle jerked about how the internet has to be shut.

“Gab and 8chan – anti-Semitic slurs.”

“The core ideology of white nationalism – which is a euphemism for white supremacy – the core ideology is the belief in the imminent extinction of the white race because of a flood of nonwhite people, and other people that they feel are degenerate, all orchestrated, puppeteered by Jews.”

That is actually a very good summary.

To be fair.

The rest of the panel was just flailing around, but the ADL Jewess hit the nail on the head.

What she won’t ever do is present evidence that this is untrue. In fact, all data points to the fact that this is true.

The ADL’s sister organization, the SPLC, has a Jewish employee named Mark Potok. In Potok’s office, he keeps a chart of dwindling white populations in America and Europe.

No one will ever explain the purpose of this chart. But it is self-explanatory. These Jews are attempting to wipe out white people in their own countries by flooding us with immigrants, exactly as this bitch described us as believing.

All data shows this. And there is so much data available that it is like some kind of a sick joke that this kike can go out there and claim that this is a “belief” rather than simply an observation.

The Negress Jackson-Lee again brought up the fact that Thomas Jefferson thought negroes were unattractive.

She said that these are the themes of white nationalism. So that is literally an admission that white nationalists are the inheritors of the legacy of the Founding Fathers. Which is in fact something of an insane admission for them to be making.

“We’re trying to destroy these evil people who are attempting to preserve what America was designed to be” is not at all a good position for the government to be in. But apparently, they believe everything is so far gone that it just doesn’t matter. Or these blacks are off the reservation, and Jews will attempt to walk this back.

And you will note that there was not a single white male – or even a white woman – on this panel.

Even on the side of the Congress, it was almost no white men.

And the white men that were there were traitors like Collins.

Very, very different than what government buildings looked like when America was created.

Congressman Louie Gohmert, a Republican, didn’t attack the Facebook guy for censoring. He instead said that more people should be censored, and that censorship should be everywhere. I have never in my life met a right-winger who believes that left-wingers should be censored. It is a totally one-way street. The only thing that you get is Jews saying that people who criticize Jews saying that because anti-black posters are censored, BDS leftists should be censored too.

This cuckolded GOP Congressman – I don’t even know who he is – gave a disgusting rimjob to Candace Owens.

Candace really is the dream of the cuckservative. Their ultimate fantasy.

Talk about a kosher sandwich.

Candace Owens is really just a grifter. Her whole entire bit is very clever. She is just playing all of these people on their “based black” fetish.

She got to make a big scene, after being questioned by a (Taiwanese) Chinaman on her love of Adolf Hitler.

Bitch really got that nigga.

The big black bitch alleged that there are no lone wolfs, but instead there is a global conspriacy of White Nationalists planning terrorism against colored people, and that it is the job of the US government to investigate them and figure out a way to shut them down.

She called for a massive spying operation and databases.

This colored bitch – Congressman Ms. Bass – claimed that the FBI was involved in the White Nationalist conspiracy.

Of the group of witnesses, Eileen Hershenov was the only one that had any kind of coherent agenda. The rest of these people were just flailing around, not really making clear any kind of agenda, other vague notions of “you have to stop these white people.”

Congressman Mr. Biggs also caught “Candace Fever” and accused Jarrold Nadler of being a racist against her.

This shit is all just so fucking ridiculous on both sides. In this system where you’re not allowed to ever tell the truth, everything just turns into completely nonsensical gibberish.

Another Jew Congressrat, Ted Deutch, started talking about how the FBI didn’t have a database with Richard Spencer in it.

Hershenov did hilariously admit that that the 2017 Jewish Community Center bomb threats were from a Jew. She actually volunteered that information. And again: that is a big part of why these statistics are so fake. If the statistics were not fake, they could just cite FBI statistics. Instead, they have to cite these private company statistics that are just a gigantic hoax. Her own organization, the ADL, continues to count those Jew hoax calls in their statistics.

She admitted that the modern White Nationalist movement is not an organized group like the KKK, but that it is just people on the internet who are becoming knowing goyim, but she had clear ideas about how to destroy these very bad goyim.

She was calling for the government to build massive databases on right-wingers and to monitor them. And she was of course calling for more censorship on the internet.

Eventually, this all got so extreme that a GOP Congressman, Mr. McClintock, had to push back a little bit and do something other than praise the bravery of Candace Owens.

He reminded the chamber that the First Amendment exists, and you cannot simply silence people for their political beliefs. He did a little Winston Churchill speech on freedom of speech. Because you know – he fought the Nazis, so he can’t be a Nazi, right?

The whole presentation here was very confusing, even to me. I can’t imagine what a normie would think of this. But Clintock, who doesn’t appear to be a very clued-in individual, understood that all of these people were talking about shutting down freedom of speech, and did seem to be appalled by this plan.

That is probably the general normiecon reaction to all of this, which in fact means that holding this hearing was a net positive for our team. Although I doubt very many people are actually going to sit and watch this terrible four hour thing anyway.

Clintock also tried to question the Facebook and Google people on whether or not they are a platform or a publisher. They gave boilerplate answers, but Nadler called time before he could respond.

For people who don’t know that argument: a platform has a whole bunch of different legal protections under the Communications Decency Act, making them immune from responsibility for the content posted on the platform. A publisher is responsible for its own content, and can be sued for defamation and so on. By censoring political speech, these companies stop being platforms and become edited publications, in theory. This would take away all of their protections and cause them all kinds of problems and really is the best way to try and legally pressure them into allowing free speech, short of simply declaring that it is illegal for internet monopolies to censor political speech.

After Clintock, some Congessnigger said that the First Amendment says that “you can’t shout ‘hate’ in a crowded theater.”

I’m sure he felt very clever, but the First Amendment doesn’t say that.

He threatened Facebook and Google that if they didn’t start silencing more people, the government was going to come for them.

Seriously, that’s what the man said.

Guy Reschenthaler, a fat 35-year-old Republican Congresstub, started rambling about Ilhan Omar and passed the ball to Twitchy Morty.

They decided that the real people that need their free speech taken away are BDS college students.

You had then Democrat Congressman David Cicilline.

You probably would have thought he was Italian. But he has a Jewish mother.

He called for social media companies to be punished for not doing enough to silence right-wing speech.

That led to the Facebook nog admitting that White Nationalism is treated as “terrorism” by Facebook.

That is a true statement.

The Jew Raskin was also on the panel.

And this other niggerbitch came up to denounce the Founding Fathers as rapist torturers.

And this cunt.

And this crying old juice-pouch.

This bulbous paki.

This fucked-up looking Yoda bitch.

I don’t even know what this thing is.

This brutal wench.

Annnnd another.

It’s just incredible, seeing all of these sickening creatures organized in our own government against us – while openly attacking not only us, but our Founding Fathers!

We have literally already been replaced.

Jews have organized blacks, immigrants and white women into a brutal coalition to destroy the white race, and it was fully on display here.

The only white men in this entire hearing were Republicans, and not one of them would defend whites or the Founding Fathers.

This event shows yet again that there is no saving this system. It has to be abolished and built again.

This whole circus show was simply a joke.

There is nothing to be afraid of right now. Trump isn’t going to push any of this stuff.

But we do know what they want now. The ADL woman said it. They want spying, databases and more censorship, both from the government and from private companies.