White Manager of Car Dealership Car-Dragged as Sheboon Steals a Car

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
July 20, 2018

Stealing a car during a test drive and dragging the manager along with it.

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A Philadelphia dealership employee was dragged for several feet as a woman allegedly drove off the lot with a vehicle she had asked to see.

Police say it happened at the Central City Toyota dealership located at 4800 Chestnut Street, around 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

The woman asked to see a silver 2013 Dodge Dart that was parked in the lot area. That’s when police say the woman started the car and drove off with it.

That’s when Jamie Haberle, the dealership’s general manager, was dragged several feet before falling to the ground.

“I’m actually happy that it happened to me and not one of my staff members,” said Haberle. “I had the driver’s side door open and I was leaning into the car going over features when she accelerated and went right around there.”

“I was trying to swing into the car to stop her because I didn’t want an accident to occur. I wanted to safeguard our property,” Haberle added.

The suspect is described as a black female, 40 years old, wearing a white jacket with a dark-colored shirt underneath, white pants, and a brown head wrap.