White Man Murdered After Confronting Three Black Teens Who Broke Into His Car

Kevin White, Judah Hill and Jeremiah King

Confronting diverse youths head-on is never a good idea.

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That’s what they signed up for.


Houston police have arrested three suspects in connection with the death of a man, investigators say.

On April 9, officers responded to a reported robbery in the 9500 block of South Post Oak Road. When officers arrived, they learned that 53-year-old Daniel Musterman had confronted the suspects who had broken into his car.

During the confrontation, police say the suspects, Kevin White, Judah Hill and Jeremiah King, all 18 years old, attacked Musterman and left with his wallet.

After the attack, Musterman was taken to a hospital. Musterman was on life support until April 16, when he was pronounced dead.

Daniel Musterman