White Man Killed and Woman Shot in Random Killing by Black Airman

May 29, 2015

70-year-old Gregory Weiland was killed by a primitive employed at the near by air force base.

The gunman in a deadly Wal-Mart shooting in Grand Forks, North Dakota, has been identified as an airman from nearby Grand Forks Air Force Base.

Police say 21-year-old Marcell Willis walked into the store shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday and shot two employees with a handgun, killing one and injuring the other. Authorities say Willis tried to shoot another worker but missed, then killed himself.

Lisa Braun
Lisa Braun was also shot in the Wal-Mart.

Police say the shooting appears to have been random. They haven’t found a link between Willis and the Wal-Mart store or the employees.

Authorities did not immediately identify the two workers who were shot. The injured person was taken to Altru Hospital in Grand Forks.

No connection has been found between Marcell Willis and his victims.

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