White Man Hires Escaped Zoo Animal as Prostitute, Gets Beaten to Death with a Lamp

Daily Stormer
July 1, 2017

Authorities still haven’t explained how this creature escaped from the zoo.

This guy, the victim, allowed Negresses to enter his home.

That right there was his first big mistake.

The second mistake was failing to call the pound to have the creature removed by trained professionals.

Thirdly, he relaxed.

Needless to say, around Blacks, never relax.

Review Journal:

A 21-year-old woman was ordered to serve 22 years to life behind bars for her role in a brutal attack on an 85-year-old man.

Robin Proctor pleaded guilty in April to first-degree murder with use of a deadly weapon for the January 2016 death of Oliver Phillips.

Authorities said Proctor and Imani Cook, 22, planned a November attack in advance, using text messages to discuss several different ways to kill Phillips.

Phillips met Proctor through an escort service, when he sought companionship, not sex, according to his daughter and a police report. A few months before the attack, he started helping the woman and her infant daughter, welcoming them on occasion into his Henderson home, his daughter told the Las Vegas Review-Journal after he died.

Proctor laid Phillips down on his bed the night of Nov. 22, 2015, a police report said, and signaled for Cook to enter.

Proctor started choking him, but couldn’t kill him, so Cook helped, prosecutor Jacqueline Bluth said.

Phillips was beaten with a lamp and dumbbells, which the prosecutor called a “horrific and tragic way to die.”