White Man Arrested for Allegedly Stabbing White Girl and Her Negroid Pet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2016

I don’t know how they expect that no one is going to be pissed-off about our women being sold off to these monkeys by the Jews as we are told that we somehow “don’t own them.”

Especially while the same monkeys are being provoked by the same Jews to riot and attack us on the street. Not to mention the ongoing, endless murders.

Huffington Post:

A man sporting a “white power” tattoo is behind bars after allegedly attacking a black man and white woman while they kissed.

Daniel Rowe, 32, approached the couple Tuesday night as they were smoking and kissing outside a bar in Olympia, Washington, police told The Olympian.

The male victim told the outlet that he heard his girlfriend cry out and then felt a sensation that he thought was Rowe punching him. He chased after Rowe and tripped him, causing Rose to fall into a car and be knocked unconscious. That was when the victim realized he had been stabbed in the hip, not punched, and his girlfriend had been cut with the same knife.

An ambulance took the man to a local hospital, but his injuries weren’t life-threatening, police said.

Police are treating the attack as a hate crime due to statements Rowe, who is white, allegedly made once in custody. Cops said he told them he was part of a white supremacy group and that he believed recent anti-police graffiti in Olympia was the work of Black Lives Matter protesters, KOMO News reported. He also allegedly characterized his actions as helping law enforcement.

“At one point he stated that he knew we couldn’t hurt the black groups on the street so he wanted to let us know that he takes care of them for us,” police said in a statement obtained by KOMO. “That he is able to fight those fights and will continue the fight against all of the Black Lives Matters people.

Though telling the cops “I was helping you by stabbing this Black guy” is extremely hilarious, you should never, never, never talk to the cops.

Remember that.

Here’s that video again, in case you haven’t watched it yet (everyone MUST watch it).

This new idea that we “don’t own” our own women is responsible for untold female suffering.

It used to be taken for granted that just as you have a natural right when you to intervene when you see a member of your society’s children acting up, you had a right/duty to intervene and even discipline them if necessary, you had the same right with regards to your society’s women.

This ensured a situation where women did not put themselves in danger, did not harm society and did not bring shame on her people or her family. Obviously, a woman dating a Black guy is doing all three of these things.

At any time in history, she would have been confronted about this by any White man who saw it, possibly slapped around or spit on, certainly called a whore and other names, banned from establishments and so on. However, the Jews have injected the idea that women “have rights to make their own decisions,” which is an utterly absurd concept but has nonetheless been accepted, and so they can flaunt their disgusting idiocy in public.


Though stabbing them for this is not something I endorse or encourage, it is hardly surprising, and it is a wonder we don’t see more of it. This man saw something happening which should absolutely not be happening, something which threatens the most basic fabric of our society, and he acted on a natural impulse.

Truly, he is the victim here, just as all White men are the victims of Jewish feminism.