White Males Dominate List of Culturally Significant Historical Figures Determined by MIT Study

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March 29, 2015

Aristotle a White man was one of the greatest intellectuals the world has ever seen.

Interesting commentary here from CofCC discussing how MIT used Wikipedia to determine the most culturally significant historical figures of all time.  The data was collected from everywhere around the world so information was analyzed from people with different racial backgrounds.  Not that this is a surprise, but the vast majority of culturally significant historical figures as determined by the study turned out to be White males.  I think this proves that other races of people should really be more appreciative of what White men have contributed to the world.

Adolf Hitler came in at #15 in case anyone was wondering.

MIT used Wikipedia to map the 100 most culturally significant historical figures. The study used even instance of Wikipedia from all over the world in every language. So it is not just who is considered important to an American audience, but worldwide.

Six of the top ten are Greeks. The list also includes numerous other Greeks.

There are no sub-Saharan Africans on the list, and few Asians. While there are four listed as being from Turkey, none of them are ethnic Turks. Three are Greeks and one is the Apostle Paul, who was a Jewish Roman citizen. Two people listed as being from Egypt were part of the Greek Aristocracy during the Roman Empire.

At least 18 of the 100 are Greek. There are also 19 listed as being from Italy. This list spans from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance.

Aristotle is listed as number one.

Aristotle (Philosopher) was born in StageiraGreece in 384 B.C..

He is featured in 152 different language editions of Wikipedia and has received 56,355,172 combined Pageviews since 2008.

Top Ten:

1. Aristotle

2. Plato

3. Jesus Christ

4. Socrates

5. Alexander the Great

6. Leonardo da Vinci

7. Conficius

8. Julius Caesar

9. Homer

10. Pythagoras

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