White Male Tech Employees Now Being Witch-Hunted for Visiting Cheap Hookers…!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2017

These filthy trollops are not going to stop unless we stop them.

Firstly, the idea of “sex trafficking” in America is completely made-up. We have a feminist system wherein the hookers, when caught, are allowed to just claim they dindu nuffin because “men forced me to do this.” And then the record shows that they were “trafficked.”

It’s a gigantic hoax by globo-feminism.

Then of course, if they can hunt down and punish undersexed white males in the tech industry – who are undersexed specifically due to globo-feminism – they will do so.

Not only are they trying to prosecute them criminally, but also get them fired from their jobs – so that women and people of color can take over for them, of course.


Unveiling the tech industry’s patronage of brothels, an investigation by American weekly magazine Newsweek has found that employees from Amazon and Microsoft, among other tech firms in Seattle, purchased services from trafficked sex workers.

According to the report published on December 21, the employees of the tech giants had brazenly sent emails to brothels and pimps from their company accounts in the hope of obtaining services of trafficked Asian women.

The publication got records of the emails that were reportedly sent to brothels and pimps between 2014 and 2016.

The emails, obtained through a public records request to the King County Prosecutor’s Office, reportedly showed that 67 of them were sent from Microsoft employee accounts, 63 from Amazon accounts and dozens more from companies like Boeing, T-Mobile, Oracle and local Seattle tech firms.

The authorities have been collecting them from brothel computers for a few years and have seized records from a fraction of the area’s hundreds of brothels and illicit massage parlours.

“Some of the emails were collected during a 2015 sting operation that targeted sex worker review boards and resulted in the arrest of 18 individuals, including high-level Amazon and Microsoft directors. Two opted for a trial, which is currently set to begin in March,” the report highlighted.

They weren’t “high-level” or they would have just been using escorts instead of some shitty gook illegal massage parlor.

This is an attack on working class men who have been denied sex by the feminist system, then sought it elsewhere, then been hunted down and told they aren’t allowed to get it elsewhere.

The only power of feminism is a monopoly on sex and using collective bargaining against men to force them to behave in a certain way in order to obtain sex (and then often denying them anyway). Because women are not actually good at anything.

Prostitution is a victimless crime.

But the feminist, with her sex monopoly, argues that she is the victim.