White Male Movie Star Romantically Linked to Disgusting Old Mulatto Jew

White male movie star Channing Tatum has been seen romantically involved with the 32-year-old mulatto Jewess Zoë Kravitz, as per the New York Post.

Kravitz is the daughter of the Jew mulatto musician Lenny Kravitz (the worst musician ever on earth) and Jew mulatto TV actress Denise Huxtable. This bitch is gross.

The two went on a romantic bike ride together while Tatum, 41, was dressed like a teenager. Despite the weird nature of his getup, you could see in his forearms that he’s maintained his shape well.

The question: why would a desirable white man in his prime be getting sexually involved with a used-up old brown skank?

The short and obvious answer: professional concern.

Every heterosexual white male on earth – at least on the earth outside of Russia – understands that he now has a target on his back. This goes double for those who are more or less handsome and in good physical shape.

The former ideal of male aesthetics, masculinity, and social status is now the most hated of creatures, and our very survival is being threatened in an existential manner by the hordes of Mordor.

The only thing that a white man can do to survive this is build up shields around himself. The best shield is an old Jew mulatto love interest.

Another normal white male, Chris Evans, is running a neocon Jew propaganda operation to shield himself.

You’ll remember that Evans also made a big deal of denouncing “white supremacy” on Twitter.

However, none of this has kept him from being racially replaced as Captain America by a negro.

But, it might allow him to continue to be involved in Hollywood at some level, and at least not get lynched.

It is clear that Tatum is looking for the same thing: to avoid being lynched for being a normal white male.

The obvious thing for white men to do at this point would be to gather together and take a stand, and say that we’re going to keep our civilization and our individual statuses as the heirs of the Western tradition. But white men are cowards, so they are scattering like rats, hiding behind old colored women and neocon warmongers, hoping they survive the storm.

Both Tatum and Evans are likely closeted homosexuals who can pull that card if they need to, but that would blow their role as sex icons – and probably wouldn’t keep them from being thrown under the bus, unless they went full tranny or aggressive pedophile. Being a “normal” white male homosexual just doesn’t cut it anymore.