White Lesbian Suing Sperm Bank for Impregnating Her with a Black Child

Daily Stormer
October 2, 2014

What the dykes wanted was an Aryan master race baby.  What they got was a little nappy-headed Sambo.
What the dykes wanted was an Aryan master race baby. What they got was a little nappy-headed Sambo.

A couple of racist Ohio lesbians are suing a Chicago sperm bank for giving them the seed of a Black child. The hate-filled dykes say that they wanted a baby that looked like them, implying that they believe the social construct of race exists, and so likely hold a desire to murder all Blacks.

NY Daily News:

Jennifer Cramblett, 36, was only four months into her pregnancy when she learned the Midwest Sperm Bank in Chicago wrote down the wrong donor chosen by her and her partner.

The lesbian couple, who live in rural, conservative Uniontown, Ohio, are now coming to grips with what it’s like to raise a biracial child in a primarily white community.

They say they’re worried about how 2-year-old Payton will grow up in an “all-white environment” where even her own family is cautious of her parents’ same-sex relationship.

Their child is also driven to a “black neighborhood” just to get a haircut. The lawsuit claims Cramblett is not welcome in those neighborhoods because “she is obviously different in appearance.”

“We would have to bring a male into our lives and when you think of sperm, you think of sexual encounters and neither of us wanted to think of males in our lives that way again,” Cramblett stated in court documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune.

The lawsuit, filed Monday, details what Cramblett’s attorney describes as a wrongful birth and breach of warranty in seeking to obtain $50,000 in damages from the allegedly botched procedure.

Cramblett’s successful pregnancy eventually led to the birth of a girl of mixed race who would grow up in her parents “racially intolerant” community, the lawsuit describes.

The mistake reportedly stemmed from an error on paperwork that only came to Cramblett’s attention when she called the sperm bank to order additional vials of sperm for her partner.

She spiraled into a panic attack when she realized a clerical error led to her being impregnated by Donor No. 330 instead of Donor No. 380.

The sperm bank refused to discuss the error over the phone with Cramblett, but a month later, the couple received a letter of apology and a refund for only half the sperm.

This is karma. These lesbians have violated the order of nature with their sick sexual behavior, and now it has come back on them.