White Knights Need to Man Up and Deal with Their Feels

William Martel
Daily Stormer
June 23, 2015


Many white knight male-feminists types will claim that we need to be sensitive and have feels so we can save our race. They say this because they believe saving ourselves solely comes down to love and making babies; they don’t understand that no matter how much loving and baby-making we do, our enemies will always be trying to kill us and the babies we would make.

The fact of the matter is we must gain political power and break away from this ZOG system, otherwise we have no chance. This will not be done by holding hands, singing love songs, arguing on the internet and dating women from Match.com, nor will our movement be helped by an army of pro-White Amazon women who just so happen to agree with our political views. Yet the beta-males of our movement insist and focus their efforts on trying not to offend women and play the roll of Mr. Sensitive in hopes that they will draw their support and even one day bag a “pro-white” chick. Personally, I think these beta-male types are really “hobbyists” and are not truly serious about fighting for our people, but rather, fighting to get in to girl’s pants. Unfortunately for such types, the females are looking for the most powerful and dominate males that won’t placate to them and don’t give a crap about what they think or want, but rather do what needs to be done, with or without their approval.


To put further expand my points, I want to take you to the magical land of Uganda and show you the story of a deformed black man, Godfrey Baguma, who has been dubbed “Uganda’s ugliest man.”

He recently became a father for the 8th time.


How does it feel to know that this African elephant man gets laid more often than you?

He doesn’t make any excuses nor does he live a sad life playing video games in a basement, getting mad at women on Facebook, going on emotional rants on comment sections because he’s sexually frustrated about women, while castrating himself in order to fit into the anti-white, anti-male system that has been put in place by Big Momma. Granted, there is no anti-white, anti-male system in Africa, but the point I’m trying to teach you here is that even Godfrey, who is horribly deformed, has no fear of loss when it comes to relationships.

Yes I am trolling you, and if you are getting offended, then you need to check your T levels. I’m trying to make this article fun, but there is a moral to this story: some of you are too sensitive and we don’t have time for that in this war for our future.

Now back to my points.

The Godfrey, the Black Knight of Uganda, proved he was not afraid to let his woman Kate go (aka he doesn’t chase hoes) when he said in an interview, “I told her that I didn’t choose to look the way I do and that if she feels I am a burden, she is free to leave me.”  You see, even Baguma doesn’t give a damn, yet most white knights do. White knights will castrate themselves in order to get a like on FB by a woman they have a crush on. They will cry when their crush doesn’t text them back quick enough. You folks can learn from Baguma. He is a man, albeit a deformed black one, but I bet he has more balls and confidence than most white knights who genuflect to the alter of FEELS in hopes of getting laid.


On paper, Baguma is doing a lot better than most of us having been able to have 8 children with a hideous face, while most of you perfectly healthy young men mind-f*ck yourselves and you can’t even find a White girl because you’re afraid you cannot shape her to accept  your political views. Here’s some advice: women will mold themselves to anyone who is dominant; it is in their nature to submit to power. They also don’t really care about politics as much as you think; they only care about security and stability so they have a have place to raise their children in safety with a man who can provide for them. So I say this: if you submit to a woman, and bend over backwards to her demands, then you are a trans-woman like Bruce Gender.

I am still trolling you all a bit, but I’m only getting closer to the reason why I even wrote this post. You see, most of us find this story strange, but it has a deeper message which shows us that women are totally illogical. Why would any woman want to have children with a man who is so horribly deformed and risk subjecting her offspring to inherit such deformities? It surely wasn’t her logic that drove her to make such a decision. It was her “feels.”

No sane man would date a woman that would be as biologically defective as Mr. Baguma, but this is what happens when you let your FEELS decide your fate. Many of you, however, will date a perfectly physically healthy woman who turns out to be mentally deranged; you know, the new modern Beyonce-type poisoned with feminism and allow her to walk all over you because she is “hot.” You allow her looks to hypnotize you while she has no other qualities – such has the ability to even be a nurturing mother – since she’s too buy taking six million selfies on Instagram and doesn’t even know how to microwave a hot pocket.

Anyone who tolerates a modern woman and her shenanigans is a white knight and needs to be bitch-slapped. Chances are, your beta-ass will be bitch-slapped and left behind or cheated on by another man who possess alpha-male qualities that women are hardwired to be attracted to. If you’re not finding women, its because YOU are not a man, period.  If Mr. Baguma can get a woman, so can you. The difference is, you are lying and are playing Mr. Nice-guy with your insecure sneaky BS because you watched too many Jewish movies that tell you to buy flowers and suck up to women to win them over. Meanwhile, Mr. Baguma, with a face like Sloth from Goonies, is unapologetic, and frankly doesn’t care what women want or think.

Ultimately, white knights are no different than Godfrey’s wife Kate, who said: “Once you find a man you think is right for you, do not listen to what other people say. Follow your heart. Money and physical appearance should not be an issue.” Some of you follow your “hearts” right into the venomous fangs of a woman who has become an anti-male succubus waiting to eat you alive. You do this because you may be lonely and need to get laid, but folks, this is a war. If some hot tail can take you down, don’t expect to make it in the real fight for our people.

Our first objective should be to regain our masculinity by creating a brotherhood of steel, an all-male zone, a concept which Andrew has successful done here with DS, despite the tears flowing from the butt-hurt feels society. After we have established a strong brotherhood stretching world-wide in everyone of our nations,we can begin to use our networks and connections to take down the ZOG power system from within, simply by exposing the truth and doing activism on a global scale, until the house of cards falls down. Only then shall we reap the spoils of our victory. Once we have proven to ourselves that we are indeed men, worthy of our future, our women will flock back to us and we can have our families, rebuild our nations and establish natural order.


But I feel the White Knights of the Furry Klam  have an opposite agenda, which is to feminize our movement becuase they believe hugs will heal the world. As alpha-males, we must not allow these beta weaklings, who have betrayed their brothers (their own sex even), and have allowed their hearts to drive them down the wrong path and align themselves with the anti-male feminist Jewish agenda which will ultimately destroy us all. We much treat such wealkings, as the cowards they are, shaming them until they realize they are wrong. This is not infighting, but rather, this is a form of tough-love that is designed to snap our brothers out of their trance and get then back where they belong, on the battle field, beside us.

We must continue to be strong and endure the hardships of this war, both physically and mentally. It will be difficult, it will hurt people’s feelings, but it will happen so long as we stay the course and not get distracted by petty nonsense.

My message here to all of you white knights is to realize that a real man, no matter what his position in life is or how unfortunate he may be, will always be able to attract a quality woman, especially if he does not depend on the decadent materialism and false Jewish ideologies that have destroyed our world. A good quality woman well reject feminism, materialism and everything that the Jews have created to destroy all that is good and find her to you one day. But I’m not telling you to wish upon a star every night and wait for your love. No. I’m telling you to get to work, and start fighting for your people. A real man needs no approval from women because his manhood does not depend on her approval, but rather, the acceptance of himself and the duty that he has to his people.

Now, stop being emotional and fall in line. We have work to do.

By the way the Black Knight even has a music video… What’s your excuse?