WHITE ISIS? White Man Drives Through Antifa and BLM Protesters

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2017


As America burns, tormented by vicious terrorist groups such as BLM and antifa, the people are in despair, waiting for a savior to liberate them from this evil. Who will rise to defend the people? Who will take the fight to the forces of darkness?

The brave men of WHITE ISIS, of course, driving their majestic white SUV’s of peace.

Okay, not really.

That would make for a pretty rad B-series exploitation flick though.

Daily Caller:

An angry man drove his car through a crowd of Kirkwood, Mo., protesters marching against the police shooting of a black man Wednesday night.

The protesters blocked an intersection as they carried signs reading “Black Lives Matter” and “Convict Killer Cops #JasonStockley” to demand the conviction of former police officer Jason Stockley, reports KMOV.

Video shows a white SUV driving through the crowd as the driver honks at the protesters. The people in the street scream and jump out of the way to narrowly avoid being hit.

An elegant weapon, from a more civilized age.

So, we’re not actually dealing with White ISIS, but just with more violent protesters blocking traffic and making drivers fear for their lives.

Drivers smashing through protesters, in spite of the Charlottesville media frenzy, is actually something that happens pretty regularly. This is obviously because Antifa and the Blacks, when concentrated in an area in sufficient numbers, start attacking normal White people, who they regard as enemies.

“Asshole!” one person shouts, while a couple of people chase down the car. The car stops and a protester yells at the man, telling him to “get the f*ck out the car!”

Case in point: the protesters wanted to physically assault the driver of the vehicle. This was, as usual in these cases, a self-defense scenario.

Video also shows protesters talking to a man earlier in what appears to be the same car that drove through the crowd. The man complains to the protesters about the streets getting blocked, saying he has a job he needs to get to.

“You are screwing up people making money. What are we protesting tonight?” the man says.

Stockley, the former officer people were marching against, is on trial for killing Anthony Lamar Smith after chasing him in 2011. Stockley shot Smith five times and prosecutors argued during the trial that Stockley put a gun in Smith’s car after the encounter.

Everyone knows cops carry spare guns around to plant on crime scenes. You know, for those times when they just want to shoot random Blacks.

What are these people even protesting about? The trial isn’t over. Do they think that blocking traffic will affect the verdict?

These people are so stupid, it’s ridiculous.

They don’t care whether the cop is guilty or not, they want him to pay because he’s White. Blacks are angry because their people are subject to the White man’s justice, which is alien and incomprehensible to them.

If it weren’t for the Jews, Blacks could just have their own areas and rule themselves however they saw fit. But because of this kiked notion of “integration,” we now have to deal with White cops defending themselves against Blacks and triggering chimpouts.