White House Unlisted Montage on Vidya Violence has Some Gud Clips

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 11, 2018

The White House’s YouTube channel has a montage video game violence video up.

I thought it was really fun, but a lot of viewers didn’t like it.

But seriously though – the implication of posting a vidya violence montage is: “oh wow this is really out of control wow hm.”

And people frankly do not like that sentiment. People like their video game violence.

I don’t blame them. These are our freedoms.


President Trump highlighted extreme violence in video games with the help of a stomach-churning compilation including a video game massacre in a Moscow airport. Critics lashed out at the suggestion that gaming causes violence.

Featuring gore-filled clips from popular titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; Wolfenstein; Dead by Daylight; Sniper Elite; and Fallout 4, the video montage was reportedly shown during a White House roundtable discussion attended by representatives from the video game industry, lawmakers, and video game critics.

According to the Washington Post, after playing the video for the roundtable attendees, President Trump asked the group: “This is violent, isn’t it?”

lol yes, that sounds like something he would say.

So, I mean – whatever.

The interesting thing about this issue is that it isn’t a left or right issue, really at all. It is in fact a legitimate social issue, which isn’t especially politicized.

Historically, it was originally a rightish issue in the days of Christian moms worried for their sons, and now that the right is less about Christianity and moms and more about hatred of the nanny Jew left, it has become more of a left issue, as they complain about “toxic masculinity” and “violence against women.”

But Trump had a meeting, he brought up the issue, he’s talking to people about it – okay. I think what he was probably thinking was that he could deflect from the gun control issue by bringing in this issue. And obviously, there isn’t really any potential to stop this violence in games – the only potential law that could be passed is one that requires parents to have some new level of offering permission for their kids to play these games, and that is pretty much meaningless.

In Rhode Island, a vidya violence tax has been proposed. But that’s just silly.

I am 100% on-board with kids being able to play violent video games, as I think this desensitization process is psychologically useful. We didn’t have any way to do this historically, and it is basically psychological prep to keep young men from being afraid of the possibility to violence.

But Trump is an old guy, and bringing this up is legitimate.

When violent video games first came out, people didn’t really know what they would do.

It’s similar to pornography. When pornography first became a thing, people were saying it was going to make men go out and go on rape rampages, and in actual fact it makes men afraid of women.

Pornography is a separate issue and SHOULD be banned – it also can be banned under obscenity, very easily – they have no legal protections at all to produce that filth (whether or not video games could be banned under obscenity is more complicated, but I think probably not, as violence is a very different thing than sex in established law).

But with video games, there is no evidence at all they make people want to commit real acts of violence. They do make people more capable of committing acts of violence. But they don’t flip some maniac switch in the brain and cause people to do violence.

I’m always skeptical of psychologists, and in this instance I don’t really think we need any psychologists as these things are self-evident at this point, but psychologist Patrick Markey has been studying the issue and claims that the average school shooter plays video games 3 times less than the average student.

Connecting this issue to the Jewish problem is difficult since there are Jews on both sides (pretty much all of the mainstream gaming houses are owned/operated by Jews), but portions of the Jew media are whining Trump won’t ban these games.

Obviously, if I had to pick between regulating guns and relating video games, I would choose the latter.

But it’s not happening.

It is an interesting discussion, however.

What we need is to have this discussion about pornography.