White House Uninvites Ben Garrison, Breaks the Poor Old Man’s Heart ;_;

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2019

Poor Ben Garrison.

Like all of Donald Trump’s supporters, Ben Garrison was destined to be shafted and stabbed in the back in the end.

Washington Examiner:

Cartoonist Ben Garrison has been disinvited from the White House Social Media Summit according to Politico Playbook. Garrison, who is often referred to as “alt-right,” has been widely condemned for creating cartoons often thought to have anti-Semitic and racist content. The Anti-Defamation League has said that Garrison is “known for cartoons with right-wing, anti-government and conspiratorial themes.”

President Trump set the Social Media Summit to address “opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment” according to White House spokesperson Judd Deere who further stated that the president “wants to engage directly with these digital leaders in a discussion on the power of social media.” A full list of invitees was not confirmed by the White House, but social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google all confirmed that they had not been invited.

Ben was so thrilled when he was first invited:

But then, presumably, Jared Kushner stepped in and had a word with Donald Trump and told him that Ben couldn’t come to his party. Devastated, Ben has decided to fall back on the tried and true Boomer strategy of trusting QAnon’s plan.

It’s incredible just how much goodwill Donald Trump enjoys from a large portion of his base. Even in the face of a stunning rebuke and a slap to the face of this caliber, his supporters will then turn around to the hushed crowd, their cheek still red with an inflamed palm imprint and beg everyone to be patient, for the White House knoweth not what it doeth.

MAGA diehards believe that POTUS is both possessed with godlike omnipotence and completely powerless at the same time. They feel an emotional attachment to Trump and that means they will rationalize away anything that he does.

As for Ben, he was done in by this particular doodle of his.

This other one that is getting less mention on yellow star Twitter probably didn’t help his position much either.

So in the end, despite protesting for years that he was not an anti-Semite and lashing out at counter-Semites such as ourselves, Ben Garrison will forever go down as one of the most prolific anti-Semitic artists of the 21st century because the Jews themselves decided it must be so.

With Ben Garrison’s banning, I think that the very last Trump supporter has finally been shafted and that the betrayal is finally complete.