White House: Unemployment Rate is 16% (And This Hasn’t Even Gotten Started)

I can’t believe these stupid white boomers whining that Applebee’s is closed for a few weeks.

They’re so selfish. They just want everyone to die, because they’re stupid and dumb and they don’t believe life has value. They follow their dumb orange leader.

We are so lucky that science prevailed, and we dodged this disaster that could have led to millions dying of this secret virus.


The economic fallout from the unprecedented social distancing requirements has been devastating.

Business shutdowns have led to a record 26.5 million Americans filing for unemployment benefits since mid-March. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted on Friday that the economy would contract at an annual rate of nearly a 40% in the second quarter.

Even next year, the CBO forecast calls for an unemployment rate averaging above 10%. Before the pandemic struck, the U.S. jobless rate was hovering at a 50-year low of 3.5%.

White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett told reporters on Sunday the jobless rate would likely hit 16% or more in April.

“I think the next couple of months are going to look terrible,” Hassett said. “You’re going to see numbers as bad as anything we’ve ever seen before.”


So I guess… I guess maybe this is a little bit more than Applebee’s being closed for a couple weeks, huh?

In fact, it looks like the people who told you this was a temporary measure are either the dumbest people on earth, or they were lying to you on purpose, because they wanted you to live in poverty. They wanted you to lose your most basic rights. They wanted you to lose your family. They wanted to see you dead, on the street, with a needle in your arm.

Far from a “temporary inconvenience,” we have created an entire new paradigm of existence.

Just as I told you, we are going to see a 50% unemployment rate. We are going to see riots, we are going to see tens of millions of homeless, we are going to be thankful if we even have food.

All because women and feminine, cowardly faggots were allowed to make the decisions about the direction of this society for all of us.

As I have told you, all of these predictions are wrong. The economy is not going to “recover.” There is no path toward that, other than presumably a war with China, which would be the most devastating war in all of history, and may end up with US cities being bombed.

I’m very frustrated, having said all of this, and then being forced to just sit here and watch it all unfold in slow motion.