White Hating Ape Overlord Barack Obama Holds Staged Town Hall Meeting to Promote Foreign Invasion of America

Daily Slave
February 26, 2015

This Marxist monkey is literally supporting an invasion of the country he has sworn to protect.

The White hating ape overlord Barack Obama today held a staged town hall meeting in order to promote the on-going invasion of America by foreigners and other cultural vibrants.  He even predicted that a Latino or Asian would one day be President.  The town hall was hosted by the Marxist faggots at MSNBC along with Telemundo.

NBC News:

President Barack Obama on Wednesday challenged Republicans to pass a bill declaring his immigration executive action illegal and then vowed to veto it in a town hall where he also excoriated young people to vote and predicted a Latino or Asian American would one day be in the White House.

Obama spent about an hour discussing immigration at the bilingual town hall hosted by MSNBC and Telemundo on the Florida International University campus Wednesday afternoon.

Simply put, it is time for this Marxist monkey retard to go.  Send him back to Kenya in a cage and put him back in his indigenous environment.  Multiculturalism has proven itself to be a failed Jewish construct and it is time to reject it.  Those who promote it hate diversity because blending cultures means you destroy cultures.

On top of that, this Negro clown is openly allowing an invasion of our country and telling us that it is good when it is obviously not.

 White Americans need to stand up and call out this stupid ape for what he is.  Who cares what names people call you.