White Guys: We Suck and We’re Sorry

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2014

In yet another brutal attack on White men, a video has been released on YouTube featuring obvious homosexuals, several of them possible Jews, talking about how horrible it is that “they” – pretending to be straight White men – are.

I would like to say this is clearly as possible: as an actual straight White man, I do not suck and I am not sorry.

I will continue to complain about suffering massive and unprecedented levels of alienation, psychological abuse and physical and financial oppression in the land that my ancestors – also all straight White men – built.

Feminism is the systematic disenfranchisement of men, the homosexual agenda is the systematic abuse of both children and the concept of masculinity and diversity is the genocide of the White race.

Everyone who took part in the making of this video should be tried with crimes against humanity.

The video's producer, Stephen Parkhurst: Jew or not Jew?  You decide!
The video’s producer, Stephen Parkhurst: Jew or not Jew? You decide!

Thankfully, the producer, a one Stephen Parkhurst, who is presumably a kike, has been forced to acknowledge that people hate his sickening video and have called him out as promoting a Jew agenda.

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