White Guy and Other Severely Beaten by Dindu

Daily Stormer
September 12, 2018

Blacks really are a separate group that just attacks all other groups. That’s why Islam never worked for them. There is no “brown solidarity” there.

Local 10:

An attacker severely beat two Miami-Dade County high school students with a tree branch early Monday, family members said.

Bela Perdomo, 15, and James Critz, 16, who are students at the Marine Academy of Science and Technology at Florida International University Biscayne Bay Campus, were collecting samples for a science project near the school when the man approached them.

“About three to five minutes later, he was on top of them bashing the guy with a large club,” Elizabeth Perdomo, Bela’s mother, told Local 10 News.

Bela and James are both being treated at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. Family members said both teens are heavily sedated after suffering skull fractures.

Bela told her mother that man did not take anything from them.

“The motive was probably sexually oriented,” Perdomo said.

“I’m not going to stop until we catch this fool,” Elizabeth Perdomo says of the person who attacked her daughter, Bela Perdomo, with a tree branch.

According to an FIU news release, the victims identified the attacker to police as a black male between the ages of 16 to 18.