Asian Girl Floored by Black Girl’s Sucker Punch During High School Basketball Game

A black girl punched an Asian girl in the face during a California high school basketball game. The punch came after the black’s mother is heard screaming “go and hit her.”

Video of the incident has gone viral, and is kinda funny.

It’s also sad.

Asians are all so defenseless in the face of the Black Hurricane that is black people.

White women, who are stupid whores, hate Asian women because they’re not fat beasts who act like men. So I’m sure white women support this attack unequivocally. What white women don’t understand is that the blacks are coming for them as well.

The blacks are indeed coming for everyone.

The Asian girl’s mother is pressing charges. But she will probably just be accused by the California court of being a white supremacist and then sanctioned.

She’s actually so not white supremacist that she said “this is everything that’s wrong with youth sports,” implying that someone other than black people act like this.

I guess that could just mean “black people are everything that is wrong with youth sports,” which is true.

The girl has a concussion. That was a pretty serious drop – the floor hit a lot harder than the black power fist.

Local news is not identifying the black, but they are saying that she is the daughter of an NBA player.

Black people are considered by most to be a much bigger threat than global warming, the latter being a total hoax. However, there is no globalist plan to deal with black people.