White Girl and Aztec Satanist Boyfriend Kill Her Father, Try to Chop Him Up, Laugh About It on YouTube

A standard white bitch got together with a standard Mexican blood ritual guy and killed the girl’s father and tried to chop him up before burning down the house.

The terrible twosome then appeared on YouTube together and joked about the murder.

Experts say that the poor sweet Aryan Princess knows not what she did.

It’s truly amazing that the immediate response to a girl committing a brutal murder is – “quick, get someone out here to say it’s somehow not really her fault!”

Needless to say, a 16-year-old white boy would not get this same treatment.

New York Post:

A teenage girl and her boyfriend who were seen on video laughing about “murdering someone” after allegedly killing her father may be unaware of the consequences of their alleged actions, a therapist said.

Jacent Wamala, a licensed family and marriage counselor from Las Vegas, said she noticed a troubling sign in the footage made public Wednesday, showing Aaron Guerrero, 18, and his 16-year-old girlfriend, Sierra Halseth, playfully recalling how they killed someone and then “had a lot of sex” while on the run from authorities.

“There was a lot that showed dynamics in the relationship and a little bit of power relationally,” Wamala told KTNV.

Yeah, power relationality – that’s exactly what I was thinking!

The disturbing footage shows Guerrero repeatedly slapping Halseth’s face lightly and then putting his hands around her throat, prompting the teen — whose mom is a former Nevada state senator — to choke and gasp for air.

“Welcome back to our YouTube channel … Day 3 after murdering somebody,” Guerrero said on the clip filmed in April, six days after they allegedly stabbed Sierra’s 45-year-old father, Daniel Halseth, stuffed his body in a sleeping bag and set his home on fire.

“Whoa! Don’t put that on camera,” a giggling Sierra replied before divulging the couple’s torrid love connection. “And we had sex a lot today.”

It’s not her fault AND being a dirty murderous whore is a “torrid love connection.”

Great job, New York Post. Big win here.

They don’t quote that in the video (above) she added “and no bleeding this time – we overcame.”

Wonder why they didn’t quote that part? 

Wamala said she wasn’t surprised to see the young accused killers speaking so plainly about murder, saying those who grew up inundated with technology and social media generally put up few barriers.

“They just do what they know how to do without the separation of the consequences and repercussions of those actions,” Wamala said.

The therapist said exposure to outside influences can affect the behavior of teens and young adults, but acknowledged she couldn’t comment directly on what may have allegedly motivated Guerrero and Halseth to kill.

“What are they watching?” Wamala asked. “What are they learning and what are they not learning, right? What are they not learning in school? What are they not learning in society?”

Yes, the girl’s behavior is clearly someone else’s fault, and it can’t be the innocent Mexican blood ritualist’s fault. So it must be the TV or the schools or something.

Prior trauma or a major shift in a young person’s living situation could be among the “compounding factors that build up to create a perfect storm,” according to Wamala, who called on parents to communicate more with their children.

“Parents and families and communities can begin to wrap around each other and have honest conversations about what’s going on,” the therapist continued. “I think it can reduce a lot of high-risk behavior or criminal activity.”

Court documents show Sierra Halseth and Guerrero dated from June through December, but were told by their parents they could no longer be together, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Yes, maybe it was her father’s own fault she murdered him because she didn’t talk to him enough.

Sure. Yeah.

But just try to imagine if this was a boy of the same age, who had killed his mother.

Do you think the immediate response would be to rush out with therapists to blame the television, the education system, technology and society at large?

Of course, no.

We live in a system where we are told that women are above men in every single ability, and should be given power over men, and should replace men, but they are also totally incapable of being responsible for their behavior. It’s like they burn you at both ends – the more power a woman is given, the less responsibility she has. It’s a dual liberation doctrine.

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People are saying that the dead dad is a fag or whatever. To me, he looks like a kind person who was just doing his best. He seems to have been the one raising the girl.

He’s trying to be “cool” in his 40s, which is definitely cringey, but he was probably trying to find a new woman after this dumb bitch’s mom left him. The pictures imply he was doing a “dad friend” thing that a lot of gen-Xers do, and I also disagree with that.

But the point is: anyone who blames the dad for this bitch is just another form of feminist. He didn’t deserve to be left raising this slut by himself (while also no doubt funding his runaway wife’s lifestyle), he didn’t deserve a culture where it is okay for white girls to date Aztec satanists, he didn’t deserve to die.

“I blame her father” is always just feminist victim blaming, and if you do it, you might as well just be a normal feminist. People are always looking around for anyone to blame for the woman’s actions other than the woman. A father cannot control his daughter in America. It is against the law for him to do the things that would be necessary to control her. Nothing a man can ever do is enough. Men victimized by women should ALL be sympathized with, not blamed and attacked.


The therapist quoted in the Post article is a coal black negress.

I think she’s not even actually American. “Wamala” is a Ugandan name.

It’s funny, there are several takeaways here for subscribers only:

  • Blacks from Africa are more successful than American blacks, because they’re apparently more intelligent
  • They hate white people less than American blacks (a black American female wouldn’t defend a white bitch on feminist principles, she would say: “uhhh-huuuh – you know how dem wite bitch be do”)
  • They are entrepreneurial and capable of locking into trends (this feminist stuff is just a weird cultural trend)
  • The breeding with whites doesn’t really seem to have helped black IQs much (I know IQ studies show black Africans as having lower intelligence than black Americans, but those studies include straight-up jungle people – the African middle and upper classes are clearly more intelligent than the highest level American blacks)

Honestly, I’m surprised that black Africans aren’t used by the media and the system more often, because they are so much less offensive than black Americans. Some of these blacks become politically active, but not usually. Despite the fact that Wamala is spewing this poison about feminism, I guarantee you, she would be the most polite and pleasant black woman you’ve ever met.

I don’t really have a point here, but this is the sort of thing you subscribers get – it’s food for thought.

I’ve actually had two Nigerian friends who I was pretty close with. You know, not best friends – you can only really be close-close with a person of the same race. But friends that I could talk to and hang out with socially. They both had interesting insights on things, and were pretty moral, Christian people.

They don’t really have the race hate, at all.

Did white genes make black Americans evil?

Part of it is probably that black Americans are dependent on white people, and that breeds resentment, whereas black Africans have their own culture.

And before “black gangs in Italy” – those are the lowest form of African blacks, just basically genetic waste that exists because of the UN funding unlimited black breeding. They are also usually Islamic or into voodoo.

If I was going to have a point, it would be this: the blacks in Africa are smart enough that they can actually run a society. What that means is that we could indeed negotiate with them to take back these American blacks. I do not think that a peaceful program of “right to return” is at all off the table once the Jews stop dancing on our table.

We are already paying for all of these blacks, so it would be much cheaper to pay them to leave. We can even make a deal that they all continue to get their welfare in Africa, for the generation that leaves. That would help the economy of African countries.

Africans would also just execute the gang members and so on. They have strong laws in Africa, because they do deal with hard niggas.

A lot of people on the internet will say that we have to have a race war, but we really don’t. Shipping these blacks back to Africa peacefully is totally doable. Frankly, if we keep making these Black Panther movies, we can tell them it’s true and Wakanda is real.

We can also make propaganda videos of blacks that have already gone to Africa showing how happy they are and so on.

We can get at least 60% of the population to just go peacefully, then the holdouts can be given a time limit that they have to leave by.

I used to think that this was impossible or fantastical, then I started watching documentaries about Africa and looking at some of these African cultural figures and I realized that they are not nearly as stupid as American blacks, so there really is an ability to negotiate the transfer with them.

The ones that are too old to have kids can of course stay.

The logistics are not really that complicated, honestly.

This can and must be done, and it will be done.

The American Empire is going to collapse, the Jews will not fare well, we will have a nationalist government backed by Chinese trade deals and Bitcoin, and we will see a (mostly) peaceful return of the blacks at the same time that we are cracking down on sluts.