White Georgia Residents Tried to Secede from Nigdom – But Failed

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2018

Haven’t they had enough of persecuting these poor coloreds?

Wherever White people go, they oppress the colored minorities. They just can’t help it – it’s what they do.

You might think that the solution to this problem is to allow Whites to self-segregate into their own communities, safely away from their brown victims.

But you’d be wrong – Whites being among themselves is just about the most racist thing there is.

You see, brown people have a human right to have access to Whites – and conversely, Whites running away and forming their own community is thus basically a crime against humanity.

Progressive enlightment beacon Think Progress gives us the scoop:

While many political observers across the nation focused with keen-eyed attention to Tuesday night’s gubernatorial election in Georgia, where Stacey Abrams sought to become the nation’s first black woman governor, an equally racially-contentious matter was on the ballot last night — one that went largely unnoticed outside of an Atlanta suburb, where wealthy white people pushed an ultimately unsuccessful campaign to secede from their black-led town.

A ballot initiative to partition off the most affluent — and overwhelmingly white populated — sections of Stockbridge from its predominately black communities failed in Tuesday’s midterm voting. By a vote of 3,473 in favor and 4,545 in opposition, residents in the existing Henry County city rejected a controversial proposal to carve out a new town — to be called Eagle’s Landing — from within its boundaries.

And why do these Whites want to get away from the gentle authority of their Black overlords?

Presumably, to engage in their favorite past times: regular lynchings.

This is what happens when White are allowed to live all by themselves: they start lynching niggers and then point guns at their corpses. Also: cowboy hats. 

Like the state’s gubernatorial election, where issues of voter suppression and bigoted robocalls provided a racist backdrop to otherwise high-minded campaign themes, the Eagle’s Landing effort drew heavily upon white residents’ rejection of black political leadership, while claiming that their real motive was economic development for the city.

Secessionist movements are a real thing in various parts of the United States, where groups of like-minded people seek to withdraw from their communities when social, racial, religious, or other cultural changes occur not to their liking. For example, a Texas group was inspired by the 2016 British vote to leave the European Union, prompting the Texas Nationalist Movement to attempt a so-called “Texit” effort, which drew a rebuke from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

But, in Georgia, the effort was more serious and came much closer to reality.

In an article published prior to Tuesday’s vote, Brentin Mock of the City Lab, an online news site that focuses on urban issues, interviewed Vikki Consiglio, chair of the Committee for the City of Eagle’s Landing, who offered an illuminatingly frank explanation for her community’s secessionist movement. According to her, the wealthy white residents wanted upscale restaurants, but feared that such businesses wouldn’t come to the area because of the less affluent — and predominately black — communities that make up the northern half of the city.

So, basically, they wanted their own SoDoSoPa.

But because of the abundance of colored people, they couldn’t make the atmosphere upscale enough to entice the trendy businesses to settle there.

What’s that, whitey? Eating at the ghetto convenience store not good enough for you?

What’s revealing about Consiglio’s comments is the naked admission that white residents in the city want control over the city’s levers of power, which currently reside in the grip of the city’s black elected officials. Last year, the city elected Anthony Ford as the first black mayor, along with its first all-black city council in the city’s century-long history.

How dare these Whites desire control over their own destinies? Don’t they realize that without the firm hand of the Black man holding them in check, they’ll go right back to the dark days of slavery and segregation?

Tsk tsk tsk.