White Genocide: The Ultimate Conspiracy

Daily Slave
March 23, 2015

Planes or no planes? Why does anyone care when there’s an on-going agenda to exterminate the White race?

When people think of conspiracies, they immediately think of events like the JFK assassination or the 9/11 attacks.  It is pretty safe to say that there are numerous questions surrounding these and many other events that have helped frame the reality we live in today.  Unfortunately, a significant number of researchers spend all of their time and energy pondering about and arguing over the legitimacy of different theories.  This is pointless and a waste of time.  Take for example the people who nearly 14 years later still want to debate whether or not planes or no planes were used on September 11th, 2001.  Even if you could 100% prove that there were no planes used that day, it changes nothing and is therefore a waste of time to argue about.  It is much more important to understand how the “big lie” technique is used to devise an official story that is then used to shape a future reality.  These other nuances simply do not matter.

What I find remarkable about the so-called “truth movement” is the fact that most of the people in it are content with arguing about theories instead of doing anything substantive to fix the problems we have.  It is no wonder this fake movement is pretty much dead.  There’s a reason why Alex “Jew Wife” Jones has become a mainstream Republican and his JewTube views have shrunk substantially.  People like Jones and others like him offer their audiences no substantive solution to any of the problems we face.

On top of that, they continue to ignore what is clearly the biggest and most diabolical conspiracy of them all.  This conspiracy is far easier to prove than any of the theories surrounding the JFK assassination or the 9/11 attacks because we see it happening all around us.  I am of course referring to the Jewish agenda to genocide White European populations by flooding our lands with third world hordes while simultaneously pushing race mixing propaganda to our women and children.

It is impossible to take these “truthers” and “conspiracy” people seriously when none of them want to talk about Jewish power or the White genocide conspiracy out of fear of being called names like “racist”, “Nazi” or “White supremacist.”  As far as I’m concerned, White genocide represents the ultimate conspiracy because if this conspiracy is successful, it is something that we will never be able to recover from.

Notice how race mixing and immigration is tightly controlled in the stolen Jewish homeland of Israel, where as we see the exact opposite happening in White European countries that have been subverted by Jewish influence.  The Jews see White Europeans as the one race of people who can stand up to them and throw them out of power.  Therefore they have adopted policies to encourage a lower White birthrate while simultaneously adopting policies which if continued, will result in a less intelligent mongrel population that they believe they can more easily rule over.

Many Jews have an outright biological hatred of White Europeans.  This is what has organically manifested this conspiracy to exterminate the White race.  If you understand the general racial and genetic characteristics of the Jews, than it becomes clear that they appear to be acting out on their own biological programming.  Historically, Jews have used subversive methods to leech off of societies and cultures.  Their parasite like nature is what has gotten them kicked out of hundreds of nations.  Today, the Jews have gained so much power that it is unnecessary for them to engage in such subversive methods.  Unfortunately, they seem incapable of stopping themselves which has brought us to this tipping point.

It might actually be more accurate to call this on-going White genocide an agenda instead of a conspiracy.  After all, there is no proof that a bunch of “Bergs” and “Steins” get together in a board room somewhere and talk about their White genocide operation.  What we do see are Jews with similar biological characteristics who behave the same way within their own sphere of influence.  Either way, these are just semantics.  No matter what you want to call what’s happening, there is no doubt that what the Jews are orchestrating is evil and needs to be stopped.

These guys would not be putting up with a Jewish scheme to genocide White people.

This is why I have decided to focus most of my energy on exposing Jewish power and their on-going attempt by Jews to genocide the White race.  This is truly the ultimate conspiracy of which our people cannot fix if carried out to its fruition.  White Europeans have proven themselves throughout history to be the best at building civilizations.  The vast majority of inventions and innovations that shape our world today have been developed by White people.  If current population trends continue, just think of the future that will be lost.  That is why this insanity must be stopped and it must be stopped by any means possible.