“White Genocide Now!” Spotted at Women’s March

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2019

At the recent “Women’s March” in New York, a “White Genocide Now” sign was spotted.

The man holding it was masked.

I don’t think this was a troll, but if it was a troll, it is interesting how no one in the crowd reacts to it at all.

I remember back in the day when Jack Posobiac pulled that “Rape Melania” hoax.

It occurred to me that it was largely irrelevant that he was a plant and not actually intent on raping Melania. What the stunt proved was that the people in the crowd didn’t have a problem with the idea and should have been smeared by association.

Sort of like what the Feds did when they sent their agent to Charlottesville to sport a swastika flag.

The whole event was smeared by association by a compliant press.

And the logic was that everyone must have been okay with it or they would have told him to put it away.

We all know that even if the “white genocide” sign proved to be genuine, there’d be no coverage of it by the MSM.

There would be no guilt by association – no journalist would ask a rally organizer whether they supported “White Genocide and Hate!”

What makes me stop and wonder is how they’re going to get “white allies” to along with the whole “White Genocide” rhetoric.

I can see it working with “White Supremacy.”

Because you can say that you’re for equality, no matter the race, right?

How can a White be for White Genocide? 

I guess they can say that they’re for the genocide of BadWhites. The racist Whites.

That’s what they’ll say to themselves.

That being said, I’m all for the Left incorporating the slogan into their platform.

Vote Democrat! White Genocide Now!