White Genocide is a Feminine Thing

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2016

The German translation of this sign is actually "Rape Me Onga!"
The German translation of this sign is actually “Rape Me Onga!”

As social media suppurates with infuriating images of sluts defending rapeugee invaders over the Cologne sex pogrom it becomes totally clear that women are to blame for White Genocide.

Jews are responsible first and foremost, no question, but it is high time that even the most cucked of White knights got down off their allegorical steed and faced reality. Sure, feminism takes the major share of the blame, but feminism comes from femininity and those instincts which are naturally opposite the solid nature of masculinity.

Is it purely a militant feminist idea that has triggered feminists to start blaming MEN for the sex attacks initiated by invaders brought in to Germany by a freaking WOMAN? No, because the most insatiable and darkest desire of women is to be dominated, and so it shouldn’t be so surprising that the subconscious yearning to be molested by non-White men is their own variety of cuckold wish.

Women want to be abused, and this is why there is a subculture of bitches that befriend serial killers, sex abusers, and confirmed criminals and then want to marry them even though they’re incarcerated or on death row. These are not just an aberration, but a segment of society that has gone beyond longing and actively pursued their innate fetish.


It is not ‘bad boys’ they wish to pursue, but their own destruction, which is why many women nag their men until the inevitable happens and they get cold clocked. And so Mama Merkel is merely acting out the fantasies of her fellow women by flooding Germany with soon-to-be millions of Nogs and Hajis looking for White women to rape.

These healthy invaders from the most brutal and garbage races purposefully haven’t been indoctrinated in the emasculating ways of a feminist society that was engineered by Jews to kill off the White race. They have a social green light to go ahead and rape and society has been shaping up for this for a long time, so it’s not just some random events that led up to this.

The Jews has long been working on the White woman to turn on White men and prepare to interbreed with subhuman races. They knew all along that by weakening the role of the man in White society, by feminising him, they are setting in motion the demise of the hated goy.

They knew that by this process of feminisation that those beta males who did not succumb to the gay and transgender disorders would have to grovel after these hoity clams if they wanted sex. This meant yielding to what are supposedly women’s wishes, but are inculcated notions that the feebler female mind only too willingly succumbed to being programmed with.

If that did not work, society has been in male demonising mode for ages anyway, and thus having cucked White manhood women have turned on them in contempt for not dominating them as per their desires.

Women want to bring on White genocide just as they want to bring on their own brutal murders at the hands of Negro bucks. Suicide is an intrinsically feminine impulse, and so by relegating our world to a feminine mindset, we have ensured the death of the White race.

The only way back is to maintain a proper idea of chivalry, but cultivate young men to oppose anything that is feminine in design or nature outside of an actual woman. However, a delicate balance of control is required because it is necessary for women to slavishly devote themselves to purely feminine qualities short of those that destructive ones mentioned before. Women must be forbidden from acting in any masculine capacity, or adopting any male traits or responsibilities unless during a time of war.

A woman’s place must be firmly at her man’s side, serving him and their family, for this is the immutable law of a successful civilisation. Go beyond that for feminine and Jewish notions of egalitarianism and you may as well grab a banana and start swinging from the branches.

    White women gots to bring on their White genocide 'cos its sexually gratifying
White women gots to bring on their White genocide ‘cos its sexually gratifying