White Female Teacher Goes to Baltimore to Save Blacks, Ends Up Calling Them Niggers

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 18, 2016

If you’ve ever known recently graduated white female teachers, you’ll notice that the Jew-run unions (Randi Weingarten, etc.) and bureaucrats often put them through a trial by fire, sending them to dangerous minority districts, where they are psychologically filed down to a nub or outright violently assaulted.

Despite teaching in major cities being a decently compensated (after a certain grace period) and extremely stable profession, white women who actually believe what they teach about race in their critical theory classes end up, more times than not, having nervous breakdowns. Many of them are idealist types who think that emotionally investing yourself in 13-year-old black students and becoming surrogate parents for them will have a pay off, as is the case in Hollywood movies like Dangerous Minds, but in reality, it never will.


In New York City, majority black and Mexican schools lose 66% of their faculty every year. The solution would be to get blacks who know how to handle blacks to teach them, but even they don’t want the job.

As the liberal looking white female in the above video shows, the idealism quickly dissipates once you get up close to the Emperor and can no longer pretend he’s wearing clothes as he starts masturbating at you, NYC Subway passenger style. Sad, because idealism and a sense of civic stewardship is great when dedicated to worthy causes. Funny, because this white liberal moron is now going around calling blacks niggers.

It’s pretty clear that this lady is well-intended, but I’m sure now the race hustlers will discover this video and play it all over the MSM to imply that niggers act like niggers because this woman said ‘nigger.’

Update: The New York Times is already on it like grubby Jew fingers on unattended street pennies. Blacks are too dumb and lazy to see why people get frustrated and fed up with their kids, while Jews are evil enough to turn this incident into yet another catalyst to instigate more black-on-white violence:

The teacher, who is white, then called the students “idiots” and asked them if they wanted to get an education or to be a “punk ass … who is gonna get shot,” using a common racial slur.

On Thursday, the school authorities said in the statement that the teacher had “engaged in verbally abusive behavior and made racially charged comments directed at students. The teacher involved in the incident is no longer employed by city schools.”

An email seeking information, including the name of the teacher and what she had told the authorities about the episode, was not answered immediately on Thursday by the city schools.

The Baltimore Teachers Union said in a statement that it “condemns the language used by the teacher.” A spokesman for the union, Ray Baker, declined by telephone to answer further questions, including whether the teacher had a lawyer or whether she had been fired.

But Sonja Brookins Santelises, the chief executive officer of the school district, said in a telephone interview on Thursday afternoon that the woman was an eighth-grade science teacher in her second year. She said she could not provide further details because it was a personnel matter.

Ms. Santelises said that although many teachers struggled with classroom management, the teacher “crossed the line” by using the racial epithet.

The recording was posted on Twitter by Shaun King, a reporter for The Daily News, who said it had been sent to him by a reader. The newspaper reported on Thursday that the cellphone video was posted on Facebook on Wednesday by a Baltimore woman named Erica Deminds. By Thursday afternoon, it had been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Ms. Deminds told The Daily News that one of her son’s classmates had recorded the video. She said the teacher had taught her son for two or three years and that she had met with her one-on-one.

“She’s a very nice teacher,” Ms. Deminds was quoted as saying. “I can’t say what happened that day. I think she was at a breaking point.”

Ms. Deminds could not immediately be reached by telephone on Thursday.