White Female Blown Up in Brussels had Shilled for Islamization of Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 29, 2016


The real threat is not getting blown up… the real threat is feeling hatred towards innocent terrorists.

Don’t laugh at this, dirty misogynist goyim.


A woman killed in Tuesday’s bombing in Brussels had warned four months earlier that demonizing Muslims would help drive recruitment of extremists.

Sascha Pinczowski posted on Facebook after the November Paris attacks that “Ignorant spreading of anti-Muslim sentiment and propaganda does nothing but benefit ISIS.”

The 26-year-old Pinczowski was a Dutch national living in New York. She and her brother, Alexander, were among those killed in Brussels.

Pinczowski’s Nov. 16 Facebook post was reposted by her mother, Marjan Pinczowski Fasbender.

The mother wrote that she wanted to share “this message of tolerance from our Dear Daughter Sascha.”

And the mother comes out and declares peace toward Moslems right after both her son and daughter are murdered by them.


“Yes, they murdered my children… but please, they are innocent, do not feel hatred towards them.”

Truly, White female goyim are the best goyim of all.

Because as all good goyim know: the real victims of terrorism are not the people who get killed, but Moslems who someone might say mean things about because they killed people.

If you would have allowed more Moslems into your country and not said mean things about them, they wouldn’t have been setting off bombs.

Hurt feelings lead directly to bombings. That’s why if you want to stop people from joining ISIS, you need to stop hurting their feelings.


Six months ago, these men were moderate Moslems. They were in school, just following a peaceful path and contributing to vibrancy. Then they saw a video of Donald Trump, and his words hurt their feelings. So they started running around chopping people’s heads off.

Seriously, you bad goyim: stop laughing.

Women are smart and independent people, just like men.

The fact that this woman loved the innocent hajis, who only come to Europe because they are fleeing a brutal civil war in Turkey and want to live on welfare and gang-rape White women, doesn’t have anything to do with her getting blown up by bad hajis who have hijacked a peaceful religion of welfare fraud and gang-rape.

The female sex urge is a beautiful thing, and as long as we all it to steer human society, we will end up in a really great place: a global peaceful mixed-race Islamic feminist world with no war.