White Dog Walker Beaten with Gun Butt in Vicious Racial Attack by Black Brute

April 13, 2014

Rather than it being a specific charge of a hate crime, Zachary Hotchkins is being charged with malicious harassment, which is a hate crime.

Two men face charges in connection with an attack in Vancouver early Sunday morning that investigators believe was racially-motivated, according to court documents.

Matthew Boorujuy, 30, was walking his dog in the 1800 block of East 32nd Street near Washington Elementary School at around 4 a.m. Sunday when several men attacked him, investigators said.

Zachary Hotchkins, 22, allegedly pointed a gun at Boorujuy’s face and pulled the trigger, according to court documents. But when the gun didn’t go off, Hotchkins allegedly used the butt of the gun to beat Boorujuy in the face and head. Police said Robert Mitchell, 18, held Boorujuy down while he was being hit.

According to court documents, one of the suspects called Boorujuy a racial slur several times during the attack.

Stock image. One Black thug held Matthew Boorujuy down, while the other Black thug beat his face and head in with the gun butt.

“In this time… It’s 2014. Nobody should be picking on anybody that’s different than them. It doesn’t seem fair anymore,” said Jennifer Travis, who heard the commotion from her home nearby.

Hotchkins was arrested near a strip mall along Fourth Plain Boulevard several days later. Police said he and Mitchell admitted to participating in the attack.

Both suspects appeared in Clark County Superior Court on Friday on suspicion of first degree assault. Hotchkins faces an additional charge of malicious harassment, which is a hate crime. Both men are scheduled to be arraigned on April 24.

Police said Boorujuy had to get staples and stitches on his face and head. His vision is now blurry in his left eye, according to court documents. He’s already been released from the hospital.