White Couple Missing After Going to Africa for “Humanitarian Project”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2019

“White people romanticizing shithole countries and dying in them” seems to be a recurring theme. There’s even a variant where white people romanticize the wild animals that kill them, too. We recently learned about a fat piece of shit that died after visually contaminating the territory of a majestic lion. There’s also that time another white couple died in a shithole after shipping their bikes there. There were close calls too, like when that CrossFit couple that moved to Africa to make niggers fitter successfully escaped a machete gang.

The underlying mechanism these situations have in common appears to be “white people not understanding that not every biped that imitates the sounds you do with your mouth is human.”


The Canadian government is treating the disappearance of a woman from Quebec and her Italian friend in Burkina Faso as a kidnapping, media reports say.

Edith Blais, 34, and Luca Tacchetto, 30, were last heard from on 15 December in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso.

The pair were travelling in Western Africa and were making their way to Togo for a humanitarian project.

I think there’s also a lot of guilt mixed in with a corrupted desire for adventure. We’re conquerors and explorers, after all.

This white-guilt designed by the Jews is quite effective. Not because it produces examples like this couple’s stupidity, but because the wide spectrum of effects it has. From straight-out handing out gibs to niggers, to more subtle behavioral cuckings such as accepting brown “people” that kinda behave and respects laws in your country. They came legally, after all. Right?

Combine that with another popular attack vector and you get lots of variants. For example, the Jewish social engineering that resulted in a decrease of white birthrates has resulted in multitudes of cat-addicted women. They attempt to fill with cats the holes that the absence of their own babies to care for produces. In cases like this, with the adventurous kind, the hole is instead —or also— filled with niglets and other subhuman trash.

Canada has travel advisories for Burkina Faso, due to terrorism and kidnapping.

“We’re really worried because… the communications stopped abruptly and every kind of activity, every trace just completely vanished,” Ms Blais’ sister, Melanie Blais, told CTV News.

They weren’t worried about anything. They were having a really happy trip. She has been dreaming about travelling to Africa for all of her life.

She got to know the real Africa. I guess you could say she fulfilled her dream.

What kind of dumb whore dreams about traveling to Africa though? Like… what the fuck. Why can’t these front-hole pieces of genetic waste appreciate the civilization we’ve built?

They should be dreaming about traveling to Europe to see the historic landmarks of our people.

They should be dreaming of having the babies of a good white man so the little ones can become the future conquerors, builders, and inventors.

They should be dreaming of being worthy of the white man’s greatness. The greatness of those who’ve built everything good they now enjoy.

But no. Whores are dreaming about Africa.

Women are not to be allowed to decide. They should have no autonomy, for their own good, and for the good of the planet.

They’ve proven they’re eager to turn into sterile and worthless agents of destruction and collapse.

Maybe they shouldn’t be allowed to think either. It’s not really needed.