White Cops Who Were Discriminated Against by the SFPD Head to Court

Daily Stormer
January 10, 2014

"Years of historical oppression somehow make blacks inherently more capable than Whites LMAO LOL." -The Jews
“Nigga yall aint ready fer dis crame solbin we be bouta be doin up in her.” -Black Cop “Years of historical oppression somehow make blacks inherently more capable to administer justice than Whites LMAO LOL #YOLO.” -The Jews

A systematic discrimination against White people?  In America?

Well, I just can’t hardly even believe that.

From Courthouse News:

A trial is necessary to determine whether the San Francisco Police Department’s promotion testing favors black and Asian cops, a federal judge ruled.

SFPD lieutenants Heinz Hofmann and Thomas Buckley, both of whom are white, sued the City and County of San Francisco and former San Francisco Police Department Chiefs George Gascon and Jeffrey Godown in 2011 for alleged violations of their civil rights and California State law.

The SFPD had posted a notice four years earlier stating that it was seeking applicants to promote to captain. The notice stated applicants would take a test and those who scored the highest would be put on a list for promotion consideration.

When the city posted the results in 2008, it vowed to use only the highest ranking scores to fill the first 11 vacancies. For the next openings, the department said it would implement a new selection process that considers the officers who achieved ranks 16 through 28 and would treat their exam scores “as functionally equivalent, without regard to exactly where each score falls within that range.”

Neither Hofmann and Buckley received a promotion.

In their complaint, the officers allege the city decided to change its promotion criteria so that more blacks and Asians would serve as captains.

They claim that they were “objectively more qualified, based on secondary criteria, than any of the blacks or Asians promoted below them from the 2007 List.”

Sounds like these creepy-ass crackas need to check their privilege.  Sure, it might cost human lives to promote incapable non-Whites over capable Whites, but is it really worth risking hurting a non-White’s feelings just to potentially save a few measly human lives?

The fact that the court even accepted this case proves again that America, despite having a black president and being totally controlled by Jews, is still racist against anyone who isn’t of European descent.