White Cops Get Into Shootout with Colored – Suspect Shot Dead

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2018

You can’t see the face of the monkey because they blurred it for some reason, but you do see his skin later in the video when he’s digging around for a gun in the car.

At least we wont be paying out the arse to keep him in jail.

Seattle Times:

Seattle police on Tuesday evening released video footage from officers’ body cameras and dashboard cameras that shows a shootout with a suspected car prowler and a brief standoff that ended with the man’s death early Monday.

The images released by police compress what was a nearly hour-long search for the suspect into a 2½-minute clip. The incident began with police responding to a 911 call reporting a suspected car prowler near Ravenna Park.

“Hey, come here,” one responding officer is heard saying at the beginning of the footage, his voice calm as he confronts the suspect around 4:20 a.m. Monday in the 6000 block of 34th Avenue Northeast, according to police.

A man is seen stepping out of what looks like an SUV parked on the street and he appears to walk away.

“Come back here. Seattle police. Stop,” the officer calls, the video from his body camera quickly becoming jerky as he appears to run after the suspect.

A gunshot rings out and the officer utters an expletive and begins to radio in when another gunshot is heard, followed by a barrage of shots, the video shows.

In the intervening time that wasn’t caught on camera, the suspect ran into the surrounding neighborhood, where officers set up a perimeter and began tracking him with a K9 unit, according to an account of the incident posted Tuesday on the department’s online blotter.

At 5:11 a.m., the suspect broke into a home in the 6000 block of 27th Avenue Northeast, where he confronted the residents and robbed them of their Volkswagen Jetta at gunpoint, police said.

The police-video footage picks up three minutes later, at 5:14 a.m., showing a patrol vehicle heading eastbound on Northeast 55th Street and making a left onto 26th Avenue Northeast, right behind another patrol vehicle coming from the opposite direction that turns right onto 26th.

Officers converge on the Jetta, yelling to the suspect to show his hands with their guns drawn as an officer tries to pull open the locked, front passenger-side door. The video angle then switches to a vantage approaching the Jetta from behind, where the suspect appears to be gunning the engine.

“Shut the vehicle off! You can’t go nowhere!” a different officer yells as he and another officer approach the rear of the vehicle. “Shut it off! Shut it off now!”

“He’s trying to back it up,” another officer can be heard saying.

“He’s reaching, he’s reaching. Don’t do it!” he says, as the officer’s body camera comes parallel with a rear-passenger window and the driver can be seen reaching under a blanket or towel in the backseat and using his hand to search the rear floorboard.