White Cop Tazes Negro Shoplifter Who Surrendered

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2018

Every time I watch some cop VS negro video I always think of those nature documentaries with two predators competing for some reason.

Maybe it’s because naggers are low IQ savages and cops are mostly low IQ sociopaths.

Daily Mail:

A Mississippi police officer has been fired for using ‘excessive force’ against a shoplifting suspect while handcuffed.

The Meridian Police Department released dash cam footage showing Officer Daniel Starks pushing and ultimately tasing the male suspect after he was already handcuffed by his fellow officers.

Starks, who had worked with the department for a year, appears visibly angry in the July 16 video and bypasses the other officers controlling the situation in order to taze the man.

The suspect falls to the ground and moments later Starks is seen attempting to move the incapacitated man.

The incident reportedly began at a Walmart after the shoplifting suspect got away while Starks was trying to arrest him.