White Cop Allowed Black to Pistol-Whip Him So He Didn’t Get Called a Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2015

Sometimes, it feels like all Whites are evil and will never repent for having done slavery to the Blacks. However, we here have a very heart-warming story of a White cop who was so repentant for having done slavery that he allowed himself to be pistol-whipped by a good boy.

Of course, a pistol-whipping is a small price to pay for the horrors of slavery, which you can learn about from such Jewish Hollywood films as Roots and Django Unchained. But it is a start.

There will of course have to be a lot more violence done to Whites in order to make up for the suffering. One thing that Whites can do to help is go to Black neighborhoods and allow Blacks to attack them on the street. White women can also allow Blacks to rape them. This will go a long way towards healing the wounds of slavery.