White City Abolishes Bus Fare

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2020

What an incredibly convenient and logical thing to do. Better enjoy it before the city is flooded with brown people.

Public transport is one of those things where socialism makes absolute sense. That’s because there’s only two kinds of people – those who use public transport, and those who drive around in cars. And both benefit just as much from having free access to buses and subways. After all, for every person on the bus, there’s one less car on the road, which lowers traffic and makes driving your car a lot faster and more efficient.

As such, it’s perfectly fine for everyone to contribute to public transportation costs, rather than limiting it to just those who use it actively.

That is, as long as a city doesn’t have too many brown people.


As of the New Year, no bus fare is needed to ride the Olympia area’s Intercity Transit. On Wednesday, the transit agency became the largest in the Pacific Northwest to eliminate fare collection, leapfrogging Corvallis and Missoula which did so earlier.

Intercity Transit leadership looked at the cost of replacing its obsolete fareboxes with new electronic fare card readers and decided it wasn’t worth it, especially given the potential to increase ridership and speed up boarding by not charging fares at all.

It costs a lot of money to collect money, which is surprising to a lot of people,” General Manager Ann Freeman-Manzanares said in an interview Thursday. “Looking at the broad list of things the community wanted us to address — in terms of access, equity, speed, reliability, addressing the environment, making sure that we’re as efficient as possible — the combination of those things actually led us to zero-fare.”

It helps that fare collections accounted for less than two percent of the agency’s net operating revenue. Intercity Transit said that anticipated ridership increases will likely qualify it for additional grant and federal funding to replace the lost revenues.

Intercity Transit is deliberately framing its new approach as “zero-fare” as opposed to another phrasing like “ride free.” That’s because it successfully asked Thurston County voters in 2018 to raise the local sales tax for better bus service. Passengers now essentially pre-pay their bus fare while shopping, the agency says.

At the downtown Olympia transit center Thursday, regular bus riders welcomed the fare relief.

“It will make a big difference in a lot of ways,” said Mitchel Patrick Irons. “I’m used to not having what you need in life, let alone what you want. I think it is great having a little more money.”

Bus rider Nate Hooks was fumbling for sufficient change when he realized his trip would be free.

“It’s a beautiful thing,” said Hooks with a hearty chuckle. “It’s like Christmas around the year.”

It’s indeed a beautiful thing. All made possible because of a little fact called demographics:

Brown people only account for 10% of the population of Olympia, Washington.

Naturally, making things “free” won’t cause any problems in an area where the overwhelming majority of the population is either White or East Asian.

But what if the population was only 50% White instead? Then a large portion of the population would live in subsidized housing and live on government benefits, which would mean they’re not contributing to the tax base funding public transportation. To make matters worse, it would mean that the buses and subways would now be filled with dangerous, smelly, loud and rude brown people, which would seriously discourage normal White people from riding them as well.

The result?

An underfunded (and thus decrepit) public transport system used exclusively by brown people and avoided by all but the most desperate White people, who will prefer using their car to avoid being mugged, raped or peed on in the subway.

Basically, like the New York City subway, but way worse.

In fact, in a high trust White society, a fare and ticket system wouldn’t even be necessary. You could just have collection boxes and let people drop money in them at their leisure based on what they can afford, and there wouldn’t be any issue. White people would be embarrassed and nervous to get in the train without putting money in the box, afraid that others would look down on them as “irresponsible” or “misers.”

Basically, in a White society, it’s possible to enforce things like payment merely through social pressure, without the need for complex security measures. For example, research shows that “pay what you want” pricing not only doesn’t reduce income, but often increases it instead. Of course, in Africa, “pay what you want” would just result in everyone choosing to pay nothing, and the first customer just taking the entire available inventory.

In summary, brown people is why we can’t have nice things.