White Bouncer Lucky to be Alive After Ejected Black Fires Shots Into Crowded Bar

April 30, 2014

Todd Stone was shot by a Black thug while working at a downtown Spokane bar last week. He says he’s lucky to be alive.

Todd Stone was bouncing at a downtown Spokane bar Thursday morning when police say 23-year-old Andre Hallman fired two gunshots into the crowed bar. Stone was hit once in the leg. The other bullet grazed his stomach. Stone sat down with KHQ’s Dylan Wohlenhaus Monday.

Stone says he was moving some patio furniture in from outside the bar and told Hallman he was not allowed back in because he was causing trouble.

“Then I walked back in, put the chair down, the next thing I know I was getting hit by a bullet,” Stone said.

Police say Hallman fired two shots through a glass window from the sidewalk outside, and Stone was the intended target.One of the bullets entered Stone’s right leg, passed through and bounced off his left leg. The other bullet grazed his stomach.

Andre Hallman, the Black thug who shot Todd Stone.

“I knew I had gotten hit. I looked around. There were people huddled behind the bar along the walls, nobody knew what to do. I said call 911, I got shot.”

Stone is now recovering at home after spending several hours in the hospital Thursday morning. Stone says the community support has been the main thing that has gotten he and his family through this difficult time.?

One of the two suspects, 23 year old Andre Hallman will be in court Monday afternoon. Hallman is facing first degree assault charges.

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