White Bitch Who Burned the Wendy’s was Rayshard’s GF

Rayshard was cheating on his black wife with a white bitch?

That’s not very saintly of him.

New York Post:

The woman arrested for burning down an Atlanta Wendy’s as retribution for the police killing of Rayshard Brooks was his “girlfriend,” her lawyer confirmed Tuesday.

Brooks referred to Natalie White, 29, as his “girlfriend” during the June 12 traffic stop that preceded his death, bodycam footage shows.

White turned herself in Tuesday after a warrant was issued for her arrest.

“[White and Brooks] were close friends,” her attorney, Drew Findling, told The Post, confirming that she was the woman Brooks referred to in the bodycam video.

Brooks was married to Tomika Miller.

Yes, indeed he was married to Tomika Miller.

Some might even say that he was jovially married to her.

This will just get buried.

The media complex is downplaying violence in general, they’re definitely not going to focus on the kang betraying his family and race to have sex with the white devil.

Apparently, however, the strategy of the woman’s attorney is to make her sympathetic as a part of this whole weird psychodrama.