White Bartender Shot 3 Times by Black with False ID After Asking Underage Girls to Leave Bar

Valley News Live
April 10, 2014

James Gackstetter recovering in hospital.

A Wadena County man is recovering after getting shot over the weekend after an incident at a St. Cloud bar. Meanwhile, the suspected shooter is behind bars.

Cordney Holmes 24, was arrested for second degree attempted murder and first degree assault after shooting Nimrod, Minnesota native James Gackstetter.

Gackstetter was bartending at the The Press bar in St. Cloud on Friday night when he asked two under-aged girls to leave the bar. St. Cloud Police say once the girls were escorted outside, that’s when an altercation occurred and Holmes allegedly shot Gackstetter three times.

Gackstetter is recovering at a hospital in St. Cloud after getting shot twice in the abdomen and once in the hand.  Through his recovery, he’s started a video blog tracking his progress and thanking his supporters.

“To all the visitors, the thoughts and prayers that are out there… it really means a lot to know that everyone’s out there thinking about me. I want you to know that I do appreciate it,” Gackstetter says in his video.

Cordney Holmes has been charged with attempted murder for the attack.

He goes on to thank everyone at The Press bar for their support the night of the shooting, the St. Cloud Police, and the nurses at the hospital who are helping him recover.

Gackstetter has already had surgeries to repair his intestines and bladder and, in his most recent video, says his hand will also need surgery.

Holmes made his first court appearance where a judge set bail at $2 million dollars. St. Cloud police say although the suspect identified himself as Courtney Terell Holmes, investigators do not believe this to be his real identity, and are working with out-state agencies to obtain his correct identity.

St. Cloud police continue to investigate and say they are searching for other witnesses who may have been involved in this incident.

James Gackstetter was shot once in the hand and twice in the gut.

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