While (((Rebel Media))) Tells Whites They Can’t Have Nations, Gavin McInnes Visits Israel to Promote Race Policy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2017

So, this Rebel Media video advocating White Genocide has been making the rounds.

It’s called “Alt-Right White Nationalists Are Stupid.”

In it, a light-bulb headed Somalian called “Jay Fayza” tells whites they don’t have a right to their own countries, that they should stop whining about being displaced.

There are no real arguments presented, but I’ll go through point-by-point real quick.

“White Genocide is Bullshit”

Bulbhead says that white genocide can’t be real, because “white people” are choosing to “hook-up” with people of other races.

Well, firstly, it isn’t “people” that are choosing that, it’s women. Women are who creates babies. A man’s role in the baby-making process takes about 4 minutes, while the woman’s role takes about 4 years, so men “hooking up” with nonwhite women is not an issue as far as the preservation of the race is concerned. And the only reason men ever marry nonwhite women – typically Asians – is that the behavior of white women in a feminist-Jew society is so horrible. Unlike women, men are naturally extremely resistant to change, and would only do something like that out of desperation.

So, we’re talking about women, not “people” generally.

We are talking about our women being auctioned off to invading foreign hordes.

Traditionally, women have been viewed as property, incapable of making adult decisions. In a Jewish society, these women are told they have independence to make their own choices. Then they are flooded, non-stop, through all media, with propaganda encouraging them to have sex with nonwhite men.

So, whereas Bulbhead claims “people are choosing to hook-up with people of other races,” the actual fact is “Jewish feminism has resulted in our women – the property of our race, the vessels through which we recreate – being handed over to foreign peoples.”

“It’s White People’s Fault Their Birthrate is Declining”

Bulbhead goes on to address the much bigger issue, which is the declining white birthrate. He blames whites, saying no one else can be blamed for it.

In actual fact, the Jews who created feminism can be blamed.

Not only did Jews create the vile ideology itself, they ensured that it was enshrined in law by forcing through affirmative action programs for women. Jews in academia ensured that the education system was tailored for women, while at the same time giving women preference in enrollment.

Jews created the family court system and the concept of “no-fault” divorce, effectively making marriage impossible.

Beyond that, the Jews who run the government can be blamed for subsidizing the birthrate of other races, while importing millions of nonwhites to drive down labor costs, ensuring that even if you can manage to make a relationship with a woman work in this modern feminist system, you probably won’t have the money to reproduce.

Blaming any social phenomenon on individual choices is always stupid. An entire group of people don’t all the sudden decide to start doing something for no reason – there are always factors which lead to mass social changes. And when you look into any of the factors that have led to a declining birthrate among whites, you find Jews.

Bulbhead is blaming the victim.

“Not All Brown People are Stupid”

In a non-sequitur, Bulbhead interjects that brown people do have lower IQs, but they’re not all stupid.

He also says that brown people will get smarter overtime, citing the pseudoscientific “Flynn Effect.”

In actual reality, even if you find two intelligent nonwhites, the odds are their children will be stupid, given the phenomenon of regression to the mean.

But that doesn’t relate to white genocide. We accept that Asians are intelligent, and still we don’t want them overrunning and conquering us.

“The Alt-Right is Like Black Lives Matter”

Bulbhead claims that anyone who talks about race is the same as anyone else who talks about race, so the Alt-Right talking about race is just as stupid as BLM talking about race.

In fact, that is retarded.

You don’t have to get bogged down in details here, the difference can be stated very simply.

Black Lives Matter does not have actual arguments or even demands, and no one knows what they’re talking about. The Alt-Right has a crystal clear ideology, and very plainly stated demands.

We want our own country. We want to be left alone. We want self-determination, free of all of you people.

Compare that to what BLM wants. Oh, right, you can’t, because no one has any idea what they want.

“Richard Spencer is Wrong”

Bulbhead plays a clip of Richard Spencer and says that it is wrong to want a racially homogeneous society because race has nothing to do with culture.

I mean, that is so objectively retarded, that I don’t even think I need to respond to it. If you actually believe that, then you are the one who is on par with BLM, as you would have to argue that the reason Detroit is poor is that they got oppressed.

He closes by saying he’s trying to shut it down: “There are elements of the Alt-Right that are absolutely terrible, that is true. Conservatives should be able to clean out the closet and get rid of these bad ideas before they fester and become the norm.”

All-in-all, the video was very similar in tone and in content to the infamous “Dear White Guys” MTV video.

That video got so many dislikes that it was deleted (the above embed is a repost) – and currently, Bulbhead’s video looks like it’s going the same way.

Rebel Media is Jewish

As the regular reader is aware, Rebel Media is owned by a Canadian Jew, Ezra Levant.

Levant is an aggressive Zionist Jew.

Basically, the entire concept of the Rebel YouTube channel is to attempt to create viral “right wing” content and attach it to pro-Israel and pro-Jewish content, in order to brainwash right-leaning young people into supporting the race that is trying to exterminate them.

In fact, within hours of the posting of the Bulbhead “kill whitey” video, a series of Israeli propaganda clips were posted – including one with Gavin McInnes, the shabbos superstar of the Rebel channel, in Israel praising their border wall.

And what is that wall for?

Is it to protect a culture that has nothing to do with race from another culture that has nothing to do with race?


It’s to protect the racially pure, religiously secular state of Israel from a separate racial group.

Sure, they have different cultures, but Israel uses DNA to test for citizenship.

As for Bulbhead’s point about “people choosing” to breed with other races – Israel literally has laws forbidding this. You can literally be sentenced to prison for up to two years for intermarriage in Israel.

The Jews know their women are whores, so they shut it down. And still, they’re trying to remove any remaining Arabs from the territory, one of the prime reasons being that their laws aren’t sufficient enough to keep their sluts from banging Arabs.

So, there is no “argument” that Bulbhead made against whites in white countries that couldn’t be made directly against the same Israeli policies being promoted on the very same channel by the very same Jew.

The Most Important Lesson Here

The thing to walk away from all of this understanding is that while there are things we can say we like about the way the Jews run their nation as a homogeneous racialist state, they can never be our allies.

That is because while Israel itself employs “nationalist” policies, Zionism is not a nationalist doctrine. It is in fact the most vile form of internationalism.

Ezra Levant is a Zionist, and what is he doing?

Is he living in Israel?


He’s living in a white nation, feeding off of our wealth, producing propaganda encouraging whites to exterminate themselves, while also telling them they have to support his people’s racial state.

The Jews are an international criminal gang. Zionism is system of global control, where Jews live in every country – especially white countries, but all of the rest of them too – and control them. The state of Israel is simply their global criminal network’s base of operations.

So there is no “oh, well, Jews, you have your own nation, so I’m sure we can have our own nation too, then our two nations can be friends with each other.”


Because you will not find a single Zionist Jew who thinks that white people have a right to their own nations.

Hilariously, they don’t even have an explanation for why this is. If you confront them on it, they get confused, as if they’ve never thought about it. This is because they do not view us as human beings, therefore do not accept that we should have rights.

So, bottomline: unsubscribe from Rebel Media, and whenever anyone mentions Rebel Media, give them the facts on why you don’t support it.