While One Somali was Stabbing Us, Another was Enriching Our Culture with Brilliant Vibrancy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016

On Monday I was focused on my city being attacked by a Moslem, and like a typical Nazi scumbag, I missed the story that balanced it out.

Up in Minnesota, a Somali woman was enriching our culture with vibrancy by competing in a beauty pageant – in a burkini!


Halima Aden wore a navy blue, embroidered burkini — a full-body bathing suit — during the swimsuit competit



I mean, there is just literally no way we ever would have had this in our culture if it weren’t for the importing of hundreds of thousands of Somali Moslems.


A Somali-American teen has made history after she wore a burkini and a hijab when participating in the semifinal of the Miss Minnesota USA pageant.

Halima Aden was met with rapturous applause when she stepped out on stage in a burkini during the swimsuit segment of the contest.

The 19-year-old St Cloud college student was born in a refugee camp in Kenya, which borders Somalia, and moved Minnesota as a young child.

A burkini is a full-body wetsuit that covers the torso, limbs and head and is worn by some Muslim women. The garment became the centre of a controversial debate in France earlier this year, after officials in at least six towns on the Mediterranean coast banned women from wearing it on beaches.

“This pageant is so much more than just beauty. Their whole message is about being confidently beautiful, so I didn’t think that I should allow my hijab to get into the way of me participating,” Aden told Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) ahead of the competition.

“This is a great platform to show the world who I am. Just because I’ve never seen a woman wearing a burkini (in a pageant) it doesn’t mean that I don’t have to be the first,” Aden continued.

Indeed, Aden’s participation is particularly poignant given the recent reports of hate crimes directed towards American Muslims. In the immediate aftermath of the U.S. presidential election, Muslim women expressed fears on social media about wearing the hijab in public. Recently, a Muslim woman at San Jose State University in California reportedly had her hijab ripped off her head.

Aden told MPR that she wanted to show people a different perspective through her participation.

“We just needed one more thing to unify us. This is a small act, but I feel like having the title of Miss Minnesota USA when you are a Somali-American, when you are a Muslim woman, I think that would open up people’s eyes,” Aden continued.

That, my friends, is enrichment.

You see, there are bad apples – those who drive their car into you and then get out and start stabbing you with a butcher’s knife – then there are the delicious apples – thick skanks introducing new fetishes.


“That blockhead sandweasel is so thick, I’d hit it myself!” -Tom Metzger

But this fetish goes deep.

It isn’t just “wow that bag lady is HAWT.”

In fact, the entire concept of hijab is to make a woman non-sexual. So by competing in a beauty pageant, she is actually sexualizing nonsexuality.

Do you know how many feminist studies dissertations could be written on that concept?

I’ll tell you how many: six million.

If that’s not worth having someone drive a car into you and then get out and start stabbing you, then I don’t know what is.