Where’s the Lie Tho?

I found some liberal cartoons from a couple years ago that really confused me because they are so accurate. The artist is one Jen Sorensen, who I assume is a lesbian. She looks like a haggard 14-year-old boy with debilitating alcoholism.

They’re apparently supposed to be making fun of conservatives, but they’re just showing people saying the TRUTH.

Whose life wouldn’t be better without those things? This is the epitome of “wow just wow,” given that there is no attempt to hint at why anyone would be interested in supporting things on this list, or how they help anyone.

How is it possible that communists are not interested in the unequal distribution of the most sought after resource in the modern era, which is vagina? Why should women be able to form a mafia to regulate the distribution of sex? The way women manage this resource and use scarcity to oppress the masses is directly out of Karl Marx’s nightmare of capitalism.

In fact, following Marxist logic, incels should be seizing the means of reproduction and distributing it with equity, i.e., kidnapping women and awarding them to men as sex slaves. Incels are the single most oppressed group of people on earth, and they deserve to be liberated.

I just can’t hardly believe that a far-leftist would use the term “unfair distribution” when attempting to satirize the views of her opponent.

Jen Sorensen is still making cartoons. Here’s the collection. They’re pretty much all really terrible.

This one got me though:

I don’t think anyone in America is trying to cut down forests, but “Alt-Smokey” is good.