Where is All This Great American Freedom People Were Talking About on Memorial Day?

The freedom that these soldiers died for does not exist.

Memorial Day is an American holiday meant to remember those who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Donald Trump and many others made a variety of Memorial Day statements talking about how these soldiers sacrificed their lives in the name of our freedom.

Here are the various Memorial Day tweets that Trump tweeted and retweeted.

What freedom is being talked about here exactly?

We have a situation in the United States where state governors have suspended the Constitution because they were afraid of old and fat people dying of the flu. This is the exact opposite of freedom.

State governments have banned religious gatherings in violation of the First Amendment.

The entire population has been put under a soft form of house arrest and in some places ordered by the government to wear masks.

Numerous businesses have been forced to close or operate under bizarre rules dictated by government bureaucrats.

Small business owners that have chosen to defy these tyrannical lockdown edicts have been harassed and even arrested by goons from police and sheriff departments.

The State Department has suspended issuing passports unless you can convince them that you have some type of life or death emergency.

We have Jewish lawyers telling us that the Constitution allows the government to forcibly inject us with a mystery substance.

Americans and in particular nosy middle-aged women, are ratting out other Americans to the police for violating any number of these stupid unconstitutional orders.

Many Americans aren’t allowed to participate in the digital public square based solely on their political beliefs.

Intrusive unconstitutional searches of people have been conducted at airports since 9/11/01.

Large technology companies have collaborated with the government so they can spy on people and collect their data.

And these are just some of the things I could think of off the top of my head. An entire book could be written documenting the total lack of freedoms and tyranny that exists in this country.

Trump might as well have posted tweets telling us that the “sky is purple” or that “2+2=5.”

The United States is not a free country. You could make the argument that the Soviet Union was more free. Even present day China has more freedoms.

It is deeply offensive to see the President of the United States tell us how we should honor all these soldiers who died to protect our alleged freedoms when said freedoms don’t exist anymore. It is especially offensive considering that it is his duty to use the power of his office to restore these Constitutional freedoms to the people but he refuses to do so. By failing to push back in any meaningful way against these unconstitutional orders from state governors, he has abdicated the responsibility of his office.

The fact of the matter is that we are living in a bizarre dystopia where freedom doesn’t exist. Trump’s claim that America is a free country is one of the most ridiculous statements imaginable.