Where Did Julian Assange Get a Skateboard?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2019

The Julian Assange skateboard video is the biggest story surrounding his expulsion from the Ecuadorian embassy.

Literally, this is the entire focus of the media.

They’re also claiming he took a shit on the wall, but there is no video of that. There is video of him skateboarding.

And this begs the question: why did he have a skateboard?

Where did this skateboard come from?

What person would visit him and say “hey man, I thought you might want to ride this skateboard around your 12×12 foot cell”?

The woman in the video looks like some kind of maid.

She didn’t bring him the skateboard. Unless someone told her to bring it to him.

He had been basically in solitary confinement for months. They took his internet away over a year ago.

Living in a small room with no internet for months and no company other than some old latina maid who almost certainly doesn’t speak English is going to cause anyone to start to lose their mind.

Normally, if you were in Assange’s position and someone gave you a skateboard, you’d be asking “why is this person giving me a skateboard?” – but he was not in any state to be asking such questions.

So he took the skateboard, messed around with it in front of the CCTV with his maid friend, and now that video is being used to humiliate him, and the Jew media is saying “how could they not kick him out when he was riding around on a skateboard like some kind of asshole?”

I just skimmed through a dozen Jewish media articles attacking him for skateboarding inside, and not one is asking the almost too obvious question of where the skateboard came from.

If you’ve ever been in an embassy, you know they have insane security. They sometimes make you leave even your keys outside in a booth. If someone tried to bring Assange a skateboard – which no one would do, because it is too bizarre for anyone to even think of – there would be an entire ordeal with security asking what it was for, and no one would be able to explain why a man in a 12×12 foot cell would need a skateboard.

The cripple president of Ecuador is literally saying that he kicked Assange out of the embassy because of bad hygiene and rudeness, which is absurd on the face of it, but it is the narrative that he and the Donald Trump Jewish Occupation Regime decided to run with.

This skateboard situation was obviously a setup to create a sensational narrative around the Assange crucifixion.