Where are the Klingons in Star Trek: Picard?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2020

As has been stated, I am obsessed with Star Trek: Picard, which is possibly the biggest popular entertainment disaster in all of human history. So I’ve been watching a lot of these reviews. I tend to watch right-wing content, and about half of Star Trek fans are right wing. But I was interested to find reviews by left-leaning or normie type fans.

I found Robert Meyer Burnett, who has been doing very good, long reviews. I had never heard of him, but he’s been involved with official Star Trek productions, including doing extra features on DVD box sets. He also wrote and directed a Trekkie film that featured William Shatner. He was involved in the design of the Star Trek theme park at the Las Vegas Hilton.

I personally am not a Trekkie. I have seen every episode of the various series at least once, most of them 2-3 times, but I’ve never been involved in any of the culture, nor could I win any quiz about the show’s lore. I’ve read a fair amount of the comics but only a couple of the novels. I think this is probably a similar situation for Critical Drinker, Dave Cullen and the guys from Red Letter Media. Maybe the latter is a bit more serious.

Robert Burnett on the other hand is about as serious of a Trekkie as you’re going to find. This is a man who has devoted his entire life to the franchise. You can think what you will of someone who is that devoted to a goofy TV show, but things are tough all over. I was happy to find his channel and get his well-thought-out views on STP.

For the record, he is also a believer in transgender theory. His talks are not political, but he does mention that he thinks trannies are a real thing, which I believe indicates that he’s bought into every element of this hoax reality that has been foisted upon us.

He hates Picard.

And he has several very obvious points which I found to be very good. A lot of it is stuff I’ve seen in reddit threads and so on, but he elaborates on them from the perspective of an extreme fan who knows everything about the franchise.

The basic premise of Picard is that the Federation has collapsed because reasons, and so Federation space is now completely lawless.

However, there is a startling question which is not addressed: why has no other race moved in?

There is a massive Klingon Empire that has not even been mentioned in the show. The Cardassian Empire is also unmentioned.

It makes absolutely no sense why neither of these races has even been mentioned.

At least in terms of the story.

In terms of the production of the show, we have the problem that the Klingons in The Next Generation, which STP is ostensibly a direct sequel to, looked like this:

But the Klingons in the other Nu-Trek show, Discovery, look like this:

It seems likely they just didn’t want to deal with that.

We do not have any idea what the numbers are for Discovery, but many people have speculated that they are very low, and the only reason it was renewed for a third season is that they didn’t want to admit it was failing when they had Picard coming out, which they expected would be more popular for some reason. So they appear to be consciously attempting to work around things that were introduced in Discovery.

Of course, they could simply say “this is what Klingons look like now,” and cite the fact that Gene Roddenberry himself added the ridges to the foreheads of the Klingons between the original series and the first Star Trek film. Of course, the change in appearance was explained in an episode of Enterprise. But I personally do not have a problem with just saying “actually they always looked like this, but we just saw them differently on the old show because we didn’t have the budget to show them as they really are” or something. I’m not a stickler for “aesthetic continuity.”

The problem is that people hate the new Klingons, they are totally tied to the disaster that is Discovery, and if they were to bring them into Picard, it would taint this show with the stench of Discovery.

In reality, it wouldn’t matter, because Picard is the same thing as Star Trek: Discovery, not because of aesthetics but because it is all:

  • People crying
  • Explosions
  • Nonsensical, confusing story
  • Violence
  • People yelling
  • Dark dystopia
  • Sadness
  • Despair
  • The f-word

All of these shows are going to have to be canceled, because you cannot maintain the most expensive TV shows ever in history purely on people watching them because they hate them. Ironically, the only people who are going to continue watching these shows simply because they hate them are the original fans of the series, so they could have just made a show for the fans of the series instead of trying to branch out into violence, dystopia, crying and the f-word to try and grab millennial Star Wars fans or whoever it is they are trying to grab.

You would have thought that when the JJ Abrams movie franchise collapsed, with Star Trek: Beyond losing over $50 million, they would have figured out “this is not a product that anyone wants.”

But whatever.

And of course, they couldn’t talk about the Cardassians without talking about the Klingons, so the universe of Picard is just a void.

A void of sadness and profanity.

The other big point that Burnett makes is one that I’ve touched on: why is it so important to collect these Borg parts?

The entire show revolves around people collecting Borg parts. That whole thing on the cube is about collecting parts. Episode 5 was about an Islamic space stripper who was also a Borg parts collector. I can understand that it could be interesting technology that someone would want, but the idea that the entire galaxy revolves around collecting these parts is retarded.

Furthermore, there is no reason why they couldn’t simply be replicated. The Federation has been in contact with the Borg for decades. They have all kinds of Borg parts. How different could one part be from another? Is each part unique?

And what are they even doing with them?

I’m sure there will be some answer, and I’m sure it will be the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard.

The people who made this show should go to jail, period.

Jail or maybe, you know – some kind of a camp.